Friday, February 24, 2012

2011 NFL Season breakdown

Super Bowl XLVI

Well I picked the wrong team from New York to win The Super Bowl at the start of the season. I never thought at any point this season the stupid ass Giants were going to even have a chance at winning The Super Bowl, until they beat The Green Bay Packers in the playoffs. Congrats to them though they proved a lot of people wrong and turned their entire season around and showed everyone that you don't have to have the greatest regular season, all you have to do is do enough to get into the playoffs and then kick some ass come playoff time! Overall this Super Bowl was terrible for me because I hate both The Giants and Patriots so I was going to be pissed with the end result no matter what. But it was hilarious watching The Patriots lose another Super Bowl! Hopefully next year's Super Bowl is better with a Cowboys win!

Tropp You Stupid!

I made predictions on the season before it started so now it's time to recap on all the stupid shit I said that came back to bite me in the ass!
~ My Super Bowl prediction was way off, I picked The Jets to beat The Falcons! Both teams failed miserably this season! Way to go!
~ I hopped onto that Eagles bandwagon thinking they would actually be decent but they weren't! They were a garbage ass team and I love watching The Eagles lose, so I'm glad I was wrong!
~ I didn't think The Giants would even make the playoffs, I said Eli isn't anywhere near an elite quarterback...hehe.
~ I was WAY off on The Bengals I thought they'd be God awful and they ended up making the playoffs.
~ I laughed at The Lions and said they wouldn't do shit this year, and I'll still think the same next year! It will take a Christmas miracle for me to believe in them!
~ Completely wrong about The 49ers didn't think they had a chance to win their crappy division, let alone get all the way to the NFC Championship game!
~I actually believed in The Cowboys....

Giving Myself Props

I was right about a few things too!
~ The Redskins sucked ass, I knew their qb situation would fuck them over and I predicted they'd go 4-12 and they ended up 5-11 so you go Rex Grossman you were terrible once again!
~ I predicted The Texans would finally make the playoffs for the first time in their franchise history
~ I predicted The Patriots would go 13-3, would be the #1 seed overall and would not win The Super Bowl
~ I picked 3 of the 6 NFC playoff teams at the beginning of the season correctly: Falcons, Packers & Saints
~ I picked 4 of the 6 AFC playoff teams at the beginning of the season correctly: Patriots, Ravens, Texans & Steelers

Dallas Cowboys

Once again another let down for us Cowboys fans! You think I'd be used to this shit by now since it's happened on such a consistent basis, year in and year out, but the bleeding has got to stop at some point. Not this year though. For once all the blame can't be put on Romo overall he had a good season, but the offensive line wasn't any help to him. That has got to be a big focus in the offseason as well as getting help in the secondary. The defense was a huge disappointment this year because they kept getting beat in coverage and leaving guys wide open in the secondary to get the big play! One of the few bright spots this season was Demarco Murray, he was The Cowboys third round pick and came through to have a monster rookie season, as soon as he got injured The Cowboys offense changed dramatically. I knew The Cowboys season was done as soon as he was lost for the rest of the season. Demarcus Ware also had his best season in a Cowboys uniform, he played with a neck injury for the majority of the season and managed to stay at the top of the league in sacks. But all of that was for nothing, we gave the division away to The Giants and now here they are Super Bowl Champions...LAME! Maybe next year......

MVP: Aaron Rodgers
I can't argue with that, Rodgers tore up just about every defense that he faced this season. He threw for 45 touchdowns, over 4600 yards, and only had 6 interceptions! Those are some spectacular stats that you absolutely want to see from your quarterback. Rodgers carries The Packers offense and can work with whatever he is given, he doesn't even need a good ground game to help him out, give him time and he's going to find his man and deliver ball in the right spot at the right time or just take off and run!

Offensive POY: Drew Brees
Drew Brees had one of the best season's a quarterback has ever had statistically in the history of the NFL. He broke Dan Marino's record for most passing yards in a season ending up with 5476 yards and threw for 46 touchdowns. I hate Drew Brees and the growth on his ugly ass face but I'm glad he broke Dan Marino's record because at least he has a Super Bowl ring and I hate Dan Marino and always thought he was overrated!

Defensive POY: Terrell Suggs
Suggs has been a beast linebacker his entire career in Baltimore and he had his best season of his career this year. He had 14 sacks, 70 tackles, and 7 forced fumbles. Suggs was the leader of one of the top defense's in the league and carried them into the playoffs.

Offensive ROY: Cam Newton
DUUUUHHHHH!!! No question this award should have gone to Newton, he had a great season and it's going to be crazy when The Panthers get him some more weapons. He proved all the critics wrong by breaking records and doing things no other rookie quarterback has done (not even Tebow) and he looks like he will have a great future in the NFL and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it because hes hot as hell!

Defensive ROY: Von Miller
Von Miller missed quite a few games this season due to injury and still ended up with 11.5 sacks, 64 tackles, and 2 forced fumbles. Even though everything was all about Tebow for The Broncos this season, Von Miller is one of the big reasons why they had that big win streak! The defense stepped up big and he was the leader of that defense!

Comeback Player: Matthew Stafford
Stafford passed for over 5000 yards and 41 touchdowns coming off of his two previous seasons of injuries, I'd say that's a pretty nice comeback!

Coach Of The Year: Jim Harbaugh
Yeah this was an easy choice he not only took one of the worst teams in the league and turned them into one of the best, but he also made Alex Smith look like a half way decent quarterback. That in itself is a miracle!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI Prediction

Wild Card Record: 1-3 (Turrible)
Divisional Record: 2-2
Conference Championship Record: 1-1

Super Bowl XLVI Prediction

Well in my personal opinion I am so not excited about this Super Bowl! I can't stand either of these teams so it really can't get much worse than this, but hey here we are, Super Bowl Sunday is still my favorite day of the year so I'll be watching the game! I remember before the season started when Eli Manning said he belonged in the same category as Tom Brady, well he gets to prove it! I know the media is caught up on the previous matchup four years ago in The Super Bowl between these two but that has absolutely nothing to do with this game, these are two completely different teams and it doesn't matter at all what happened in a game that happened four years ago. Both of these teams have made it to The Super Bowl on completely different paths. The Patriots have relied mostly on their offense, their defense is one of the worst in the league, but as long as Tom Brady is standing up right the dude is gonna score. He has multiple weapons to choose from and can rip apart any defense, but the problem is his main target Rob Gronkowski is injured and who knows what his status will be for the game, it won't shock me if he plays but how well will he play with a sprained ankle? The Giants had an up and down season and never got it together until the end, but that was the right time! Their defense started to get healthy and ever since they have had quarterbacks on their ass! On offense they have smart, quick receivers who are always on point with their routes and rarely ever drop balls and their running back duo of Bradshaw and Jacobs is perfect because Bradshaw is the running back who get the big gain which Jacobs can get the short yardage or goalline plays. I can tell The Patriots are still pissed from their last Super Bowl apperance losing to The Giants and blowing their perfect season so it seems they do have a little extra motivation. But ever since The Giants beat The Packers I've had this sick feeling that they were going to be The Champs when it's all said and done and I'm going to stick with it. As the old saying goes “Defense wins Championships” and I think The Giants have a killer defense that has already stopped Tom Brady in his Uggs earlier this season and that's the key to always beating The Patriots.

Giants over Patriots 24-21

MVP: Jason Pierre-Paul