Tuesday, September 29, 2020

NBA Finals Prediction


First Round Record (6-2)

Semifinal Round Record (2-2)

Conference Finals Record (2-0)


NBA Finals Prediction

Miami Heat Vs Los Angeles Lakers

Well we finally made it all the way to the NBA Finals! It was rocky and even questionable at times if this was going to happen, but it’s finally here, the NBA Finals and my Lakers are back in it! When the playoffs began there was no way anybody thought this matchup was possible because nobody even considered the Heat to be a legitimate contender, but Jimmy Butler said fuck ya’ll we gonna own the East! The Heat ran over every opponent they faced in the playoffs and made it look easy for the most part. Jimmy Butler has been playing out of his mind since the restart and the rest of his team has followed his lead. They’ve been fire on offense, but really have held it down on the defensive side of the ball as well. They are facing a much bigger beast in the Lakers than what they were up against in the Eastern Conference. LeBron is just LeBron I really don’t even need to break it down anymore because it’s obvious nobody has anyone who can really matchup against him for an entire series. While the Heat do have Andre Iguodala, a man who has held LeBron in check in Finals of the past, they don’t have an answer for Anthony Davis. The dude is a unicorn, he can lock you down on defense by making an insane block on one end of the court and then run back to the other end of the court and knock down a clutch three. The Heat don’t matchup well at all in the paint and will have difficulties trying to outrebound the Lakers. It should be an interesting series and the Heat should not be overlooked, but the Lakers are the better team and should walk away with this one. The power of Kobe compels them and if you thought for one second that when he died the Lakers weren’t going to win it all this year, then mother fucker you don’t know that Mamba Mentality and what he meant to the fans, the Lakers organization, and the current roster. This one’s for Kobe!!!

Lakers over Heat in 6 games

MVP: LeBron James

Monday, September 28, 2020

MLB Wild Card Round Playoff Predictions


MLB Wild Card Round Playoff Predictions

American League

Toronto Blue Jays Vs Tampa Bay Rays

This is going to be a good matchup to watch because these are division opponents who know each other well. The Rays came out of nowhere this year. There weren’t really any expectations on this team and yet, they managed to win their division and take the #1 spot in the American League. The Blue Jays started off the season very shaky, but found their identity and finally started getting the most out of their batting lineup. The pitching is a weak spot for them and that is the exact opposite problem for the Rays. Starting pitching is always a big deal when it comes to the postseason and I think that gives the Rays the edge in this matchup.

Rays over Blue Jays in 3 games


New York Yankees Vs Cleveland Indians

The Indians can thank their starting pitcher Shane Bieber for helping them get to the postseason because this dude has flat out dominated every single team he has faced this season. He is the obvious choice for the AL Cy Young this season considering he literally dominated in every single pitching category imaginable. Outside of Bieber though, the Indians are a pretty mediocre team and are going up against a stacked and healthy Yankees squad. The Yankees came into this season as the heavy favorite to win the Championship and things were rocky towards the middle of the season, but they were missing over half of their lineup due to injury. Now that the Yankees have their sluggers back they look to be back to their dominating ways and even though the Indians have solid starting pitching I don’t think any of the other starters besides Bieber will even have a shot at shutting down the Yankees batting lineup. The Yankees are weak when it comes to starting pitching, but if it becomes a slugfest the Yankees should win that matchup easily.

Yankees over Indians in 3 games


Houston Astros Vs Minnesota Twins

One of the most upsetting things about this season was that there were no fans in the stands to heckle the absolute shit out of the Astros, but they still struggled hard this season and were very lucky to even make the postseason. They were a very mediocre team overall and played like garbage for the most part, which is coincidental since they were known for banging trash cans over the last couple of seasons, but I digress. The Twins continued building off of what they started last season, with solid starting pitching and a reliable batting lineup they have plowed through each and every opponent and, should be a tough team for anyone they’re up against in the postseason. Since the Astros can’t cheat in this series it will be an uphill battle for them against the Twins who are a much better team in every way.

Twins over Astros in 2 games


Chicago White Sox Vs Oakland A’s

Out of every matchup in the Wild Card round, this is going to be the best one by far. The White Sox have finally put it all together with their batting lineup and the starting pitching has finally found some type of consistency. The White Sox have been a laughing stock for awhile now, but since they’ve sucked so bad, they’ve been able to draft some really good players who have finally shown their worth this season. The A’s have been one of the most solid teams from start to finish and it’s all because of the pitching. The batting lineup has helped a lot, but the pitching has definitely led the way, which will make for an excellent series between these teams. Long time baseball fans know though, that starting pitching is key when it comes to winning in the postseason and the A’s have the better lineup who have maintained their consistency from start to finish, which I think gives them the edge in this matchup.

A’s over White Sox in 3 games


National League

Milwaukee Brewers Vs Los Angeles Dodgers

Once again, the Dodgers are the most dominant team in the National League and maybe a shortened season can help them actually win a Championship this time around. The Dodgers are probably the most complete team in the entire league at this point and they are going to be tough to try and beat in a series. The starting pitching is strong, the bullpen can hold it down, the defense is stellar, and the batting lineup will be tough for any opponent to work around. The Brewers backed their way into the playoffs and are lucky to be here, but other than that they have no shot in this matchup!

Dodgers over Brewers in 2 games


St. Louis Cardinals Vs San Diego Padres

The Padres have been this season’s biggest surprise by far! Fernando Tatis has had an amazing season and has dominated behind the plate with clutch hitting, which in turn, has energized the rest of the batting lineup and the Padres batting order has been one of the strongest in the league. The pitching has also played a huge role as to why this team has played so well this season. The Cardinals have had a decent season, but nothing to get excited about. They were inconsistent for the most part and really just started to get hot at the right time. The Cardinals should make this an interesting matchup, but in the end the Padres are a much better team on offense and defense.

Padres over Cardinals in 3 games


Miami Marlins Vs Chicago Cubs

This is the first time the Marlins have made the playoffs since 2003 and I hope they enjoy it because I don’t think it’s going to last long. The Marlins aren’t a horrible team, but they also aren’t that good. They are inconsistent in every facet of the game because they are a young team and none of them have ever been in this position before. The Cubs had a solid regular season, they just didn’t stand out above any other teams in the National League in any way. The pitching was overall mediocre, the hitting wasn’t bad, and the defense is probably the best asset this team has to offer. Other than that, the Cubs aren’t that impressive. The Cubs should play well enough to get by in this round, but I don’t think they have what it takes to win a Championship.

Cubs over Marlins in 2 games


Cincinnati Reds Vs Atlanta Braves

The Reds have been another one of the more surprising teams this season. Their starting pitching has been one of the best in the league led by Sonny Gray, who has just dominated every team he has faced this season. The Braves were one of the best teams in the National League and will be a tough opponent to face in the postseason because they have a stacked batting lineup and very solid pitching. Injuries held them back at the beginning of the season, but even so, they were able to overcome and play through them until they got some of their injured players back in the lineup. The Reds should give the Braves a run for their money, but overall I think the Braves are a far superior team on every level and have been much more consistent on the offensive side of the ball.

Braves over Reds in 3 games

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

NBA Conference Finals Predictions


First Round Record (6-2) 

Semifinal Round Record (2-2)


NBA Conference Final Predictions 

Western Conference

Denver Nuggets Vs Los Angeles Lakers

The Denver Nuggets are the comeback kids of the postseason! They have been down 3-1 in both of the previous rounds in the playoffs and came back to win the series. Nikola Jokic has carried this team on his back all season and he will be tough for the Lakers to contain, but the Lakers are going to be the best defense that the Nuggets have faced in the postseason. The Lakers should not overlook the Nuggets at all, but they should not be worried about losing this series. The only way that will happen is if they beat themselves. The Lakers defense has been great thanks in part to Anthony Davis, of course, but Caruso is a scrappy mother fucker and he has really stepped it up on the defensive side of the ball, while also knocking down some clutch three’s. The Nuggets will be a good test for the Lakers and probably the toughest opponent they have faced up to this point in the postseason, but the Lakers are too damn talented and have too deep of a roster to lose a seven game series to the Nuggets.

Lakers over Nuggets in 6 games


Eastern Conference

Miami Heat Vs Boston Celtics

This is going to be one exciting matchup to watch because these teams matchup really well against each other, but they also feature two of the hottest players in the league since the restart with Kemba Walker for the Celtics and Jimmy Butler for the Heat. The Heat have been unstoppable in the postseason and have only lost one game up to this point. They have been lights out on the offensive side of the ball, but also, have been really solid on defense. The Celtics did get exposed a bit against the Raptors, but they still played a great series and I expect them to continue playing at a high level against the Heat. It looks like they will get Gordon Heyward back at some point in this series which will be a boost for the team. In the end I think the Heat are playing too well to be stopped by anyone right now. Jimmy Butler is playing like a man on a mission and he even said before the restart that the Heat were here to win it all, and from what we have seen from them so far, they weren’t playing around. The X-factor in this matchup, to me, will be Andre Iguodala because when it comes to the playoffs this guy ALWAYS shows up and is reliable. He will make the big play when you need him to and he will defend the best player on the opposing team regardless of who they are and will dominate them.

Heat over Celtics in 7 games