Friday, December 27, 2019

College Football Playoff Predictions

Peach Bowl

Oklahoma Vs LSU

I’m always blown away by the respect that Oklahoma has received over the years from the playoff selection committee because this team proves time and again that they aren’t that good! This season more-so than ever! Jaylon Hurts is an excellent quarterback who has had a phenomenal season, but outside of him this team is straight up trash! I know I’m a Longhorn fan so you may take this opinion with a grain of salt, but God damn we all know there were better teams to be in this position over the Sooners, but I digress. LSU will have absolutely no problem taking care of Oklahoma in this matchup. I don’t even expect it to be close other than at kickoff. LSU is obviously the best team in college football this year led by the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Joe Burrow. The LSU offense is high powered and will be difficult for the Sooners to keep up with. On the defensive side of the ball LSU will have their hands full with Jaylon Hurts, but if the Sooners are playing from behind this defense will wear on them and take over in the fourth quarter. The Sooners prove time and again in the postseason they aren’t worth the vote, but yet here they are again to show us that they are a fun pounding post for their opponents!

LSU over Oklahoma 48-24

Fiesta Bowl

Clemson Vs Ohio St.

This is going to be one hell of a matchup because these are two power house teams! Clemson has spent the majority of the season being overlooked because they haven’t really played any difficult opponents, but this is still the same team that won a National Championship last year and they should not be overlooked by their opponent. Offensively Clemson is still a force led by Trevor Lawrence who has had a great season along with the running back, Travis Etienne, the Clemson offense has been pretty close to unstoppable. With that being said Ohio State comes in with an even better offense. They are stacked with two of the top players in all of college football with quarterback Justin Fields and running back J.K. Dobbins. Just one of these guys is a difficult task for any defense, but with the both of them on the field it’s a problem that no defense has been able to solve this season. The Ohio State defense are ball hawks, every dude on the defense has a turnover so the Clemson offense better be ready for them! The edge in this matchup goes to Ohio State because I think their offense will be too much for the Clemson defense to handle and if it becomes a shootout I think Ohio State has more firepower.

Ohio St. over Clemson 45-41