Friday, February 5, 2021

Super Bowl LV Prediction


Wild Card Record (4-2)

Divisional Round Record (4-0)

Conference Championship Record (1-1)


Super Bowl LV

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs Kansas City Chiefs

This is nuts that Tom Brady is playing in his TENTH Super Bowl and did it with a new team in his first season with them. It has been amusing to listen to the remaining crybaby haters who continue to try and discredit his greatness because you simply don’t know shit about football if you can’t at least show some respect for his career. I personally, love the sport of football and can actually remove my emotions (unlike most of you so-called “men”) and not only respect Tom Brady’s amazing career, but also am happy to say I have seen his career from start to finish (whenever that may be). This dude has literally changed the entire culture of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and you can see he has made all the difference considering this team was trash last year! Brady is not the only reason why this team is in the Super Bowl, the defense also deserves a lot of credit for this playoff run. Linebacker Devin White has been playing out of his mind and has been a spark for the defense. The defensive line is also insane and not only has had every quarterback on their ass or running for their lives, but they are also causing turnovers and knocking the ball down at the line creating any type of discourse they can. The turnovers have been huge and the offense has been able to capitalize on every one of them up to this point.

The Chiefs have played as expected this postseason with a high paced, fast scoring offense, and a defense that can make the big play when necessary. Offensively, they are nothing to sleep on and Patrick Mahomes continues to make the big plays, even when it looks impossible. I expect the Chiefs to bring everything they’ve got in this one, but the same can be said for the Bucs. The edge in this matchup goes to the Buccaneers defense. They will have an advantage against the Chiefs because they are missing two of their top tackles, and the Bucs biggest strength on defense is their line who love to make the quarterback work on every possession. The Bucs are also, coming in as one the hottest team who haven’t lost since they last played the Chiefs in week 12. That was the turning point for the Bucs and they have not looked back since then. I’ve learned over the years to stop picking against Tom Brady in the postseason because this is when he shines. He doesn’t have many postseason records left to conquer so it’s only fitting that he may end up winning a Super Bowl in his teams’ home stadium, which has never happened in the history of the league. I won’t be shocked to see him end up with the ball for a game winning drive in what I expect to be a great matchup from both teams!

Buccaneers over Chiefs 31-30

MVP: Devin White