Saturday, January 23, 2016

2016 NFL Conference Championship Predictions

Wild Card Record (4-0)
Divisional Round Record (4-0)

2016 NFL Conference Championship Predictions


Arizona Cardinals Vs Carolina Panthers

For the last month of the regular season I knew these two teams would end up right here in this game fighting for a chance to win the Super Bowl! These are by far the top two teams in the entire league from top to bottom. They both have a good coach leading the charge, a quarterback who is a leader on the field, tons of offensive weapons and they play tough hard nosed defense! It’s tough to even pick apart either team because they are both so good, but last week I feel like the Cardinals were exposed. Carson Palmer was really lucky because had some of the Packers defenders been able to hold onto the ball, there is a very good chance this could be the Packers playing in this game and not them. They did get the ball to one of the greatest playoff receivers in NFL history, Larry Fitzgerald, who made the big catch, the big run after the catch and ultimately the game winning touchdown on the following play. The problem this week for the Cardinals is if Carson Palmer has the same type of game the Panthers defense will take advantage and more than likely not only get the turnover, but also walk away with some points! You cannot let Carolina get a big lead because if they do, there is no looking back. The Panthers have remained true to themselves from the beginning of training camp up until this point, I don’t believe that will change in this matchup and I think that gives them the slight edge in this one!

Panthers over Cardinals 24-20


New England Patriots Vs Denver Broncos

While all of ya’ll are giddy with glee over Tom Brady Vs. Peyton Manning show down number 69 (you know that’s how they do together) I’m just sitting over here twirling my finger in the air saying “WHOOP DI DOO!!” Now while I respect both of these quarterbacks and believe they are the greatest quarterbacks of this era of football, I do not care for either of them. If they could both lose this game that would be my ideal situation, but unfortunately I will have to root against one of them in the Super Bowl! What I like about this matchup is the chess match that will be going on between the Patriots offense and the Broncos defense. The Patriots almost never run the ball and yet they are one of the most proficient offenses in the league. Seriously they pass on 90% of their plays on offense….90%!! That’s insane that a team can be that good on offense and have absolutely no ground attack! The only reason why the Broncos are here is because of their defense so if they are unable to get to Brady then this will be an easy one for the Patriots, but if they are able to put some pressure on Brady and mess with this weak offensive line then they should be able to walk away with a win. The Broncos on offense are still absolute garbage and showed it once again last week so don’t expect any miracles from them especially if this turns into a shootout! We all know Peyton catches turnoveritis when the Playoffs roll around so that’s always a fun possibility! Overall I think the Broncos are a better team and I believe the defense will continue to dominate like it has all season long and take Tom Brady out of the equation. At some point that weak offensive line is going to let the Patriots down and the Broncos have the perfect defense to do so!

Broncos over Patriots 20-17

Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions

Wild Card Record (4-0)

2016 NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions


Seattle Seahawks Vs Carolina Panthers

This is the game I am most looking forward to in this round of the Playoffs. Both teams matchup very well against eachother offensively and defensively. Cam Newton has been ballin’ hard this season and should have that MVP award on lockdown since he was pretty much the entire offense for the Panthers. On defense the Panthers are stacked from top to bottom led by Luke Keuchley at linebacker. He is elusive on the field someone every opposing offense has to be aware of because not only does he have the quarterback running for his life, but he can drop back into coverage and has been known to grab an interception or two. The Seahawks just got by last week in a hard fought game against the Vikings, but they are still a scary team this time of year. The defense for the Seahawks has really turned up the heat over the past month. They have had opposing quarterbacks on their asses and even caused Adrian Peterson to fumble late in the game last week which helped them get the win. You cannot count Seattle out and I don’t think Carolina will overlook them. Carolina has had the same one game at a time mentality which is one of the many reasons why they have been so successful this season. The other reason is Cam Newton, the dude just knows how to win. He has consistently won at every level he has played football and to watch what he has done this season has been very impressive. Cam Newton has turned a mediocre receiving core into playmakers, he puts his body on the line when no one else is there to make the play and most importantly he is a team player and that is where I think the edge is in this matchup.

Panthers over Seahawks 24-21

Green Bay Packers Vs Arizona Cardinals

I would be way more excited about this game if Aaron Rodgers actually had a team around him, but that is not the case! Mr. Rodgers is going to spend the majority of this game running for his life or on his back because his offensive line couldn’t block me!! The Packers have no receivers and none of their running backs can even go a game without fumbling the ball! So you have fun with that Aaron! The Cardinals have been one of the best teams from top to bottom starting with their coach. Bruce Arians has turned the Cardinals into a powerhouse team with a strong mentality that I believe will take them far into the Playoffs. On offense Carson Palmer is having probably the best season of his career and he ain’t a young dude, he’s been in this league for quite some time so to see him playing like this after some of the knee injuries he has had to overcome really says something about what kind of a quarterback he is. He has plenty of receivers to choose from to get the ball to who can make the big play and oh yeah they still have one of the best receivers in the league, Larry Fitzgerald. The Cardinals defense has been lights out and I expect to see some turnovers for points in this matchup. Overall I don’t think the Packers have a chance against the Cardinals in this matchup and I’m not really anticipating it being a close game in the end!

Cardinals over Packers 35-17


Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Denver Broncos

The Steelers are a battered team right now and that is hard to overcome at this point in this season. If Ben Roethlisberger can’t play halfway decent football then the Steelers don’t have a shot in this one! The Broncos defense is one of the best in the league and has been the main reason why they are the top seed in the AFC. Peyton Manning is coming back from injury so who knows how he is going to look in this game, quite frankly he was a complete dumpster fire prior to the injury so I’m not expecting Peyton Manning of old to come around and light the opposing defense up. The Broncos offense has been fairly mediocre even beyond Manning, when the great and powerful Brock Osweiler took over at quarterback the media was jerking off all over their faces like the greatest quarterback to ever touch a football is playing and I’m just sitting over here like “are we really getting excited over a dude with the last name of Osweiler?” I mean really he is awful, he had no chemistry with any receiver on the team, watching him run around trying to run an offense like he’s Peyton Manning is laughable and when he drops back to pass he reads an offense like he’s RGIII (remember him?). The Broncos ground attack is mediocre at best, they love to fumble the ball and that is about the only consistent thing that has happened with their running backs this season. With all the problems they have with injuries the Steelers are at an extreme disadvantage, especially on the offensive side of the ball. The Broncos defense should carry their team to yet another win in this one!

Broncos over Steelers 20-10

Kansas City Chiefs Vs New England Patriots

I saved the worst for last…I know Chiefs fans are hyped up right now and who wouldn’t be when your team is on an eleven game win streak? But come on has anyone else been watching the same team as I have?? The Chiefs are not even close to a Championship team and no matter how many times people try to cram it down my throat Alex Smith is a mediocre quarterback at best! The Patriots got a gift from Heaven with this one. While I know the Patriots struggled the last month trying to overcome all the injuries that have accumulated over the season, but come on what team isn’t dealing with that and this is the Patriots in the Playoffs I don’t see them going out quietly! Truthfully I expect this to be an ass kicking, one of those games where the Patriots just spent two weeks picking apart each and every piece of your team on film and in practice and now you are going to look like the bitch squad! I predict this will be the most boring game of the weekend…unless you’re a Patriots fan!

Patriots over Chiefs 42-10

Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 College Football National Championship Prediction

Semifinal Record (2-0)

College Football National Championship Prediction

Clemson Vs Alabama

So far this has been a very unimpressive bowl season and I don’t think it’s going to get much more exciting in the National Championship! Clemson is a team that has been tough for me to believe that they are a legitimate Championship contender. They’re a good team, but I don’t know if they will be able to keep up with Alabama. Alabama is coming into this game with a great defense that has had no problems at all slowing down quarterbacks who like to run, which is something the Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson relies on. The Alabama offense is efficient, they have the capability of scoring a lot of points, but that’s normally because the defense is not letting the opposing offense score. Clemson’s biggest weakness is how the defense plays towards the end of the game. They have given up a lot of big plays and had some close games, but because the offense is lights out they’ve been able to overcome this flaw. This year’s Alabama team is pretty much your typical Nick Saban Championship team and I don’t think Clemson really even has a chance. I expect this game to follow suit with the rest of the bowl games this season and it will be a boring typical Alabama blow out.

Alabama over Clemson 45-28

Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 NFL Wild Card Playoff Predictions


Seattle Seahawks Vs Minnesota Vikings

In my opinion the Seahawks are probably one of the most dangerous teams coming into the Playoffs. They started the season off slow and looking like they would be lucky to make the Playoffs and then they got right back into their Championship form towards the end of the season and have steam rolled their way into the Playoffs! Russell Wilson is playing the greatest football of his career so far and he hasn’t even had Marshawn Lynch in the backfield for a few a weeks now, so he has carried this offense all the way! The Vikings haven’t sold me at all this season or really any season ever. I’ve always been skeptical of them and am in complete shock that the Packers just handed them the division, but it didn’t matter to me how this team got into the Playoffs, I just knew they weren’t going to be going anywhere once they reached the Playoffs! Adrian Peterson is still a straight up beast, but outside of him I don’t trust anyone on that team to get them anywhere close to a Super Bowl. The Seahawks are at their best in the post season and they have proven it time and time again. I won’t be shocked to see them in a third straight Super Bowl so you know I’m taking the Seahawks in this matchup!

Seahawks over Vikings 28-13

Green Bay Packers Vs Washington Redskins

I can’t believe this is even a Playoff game! No matter how hard people are trying to push Kirk Cousins and the Redskins in my face I refuse to drink that kool-aid! This team is straight up garbage, honestly I am only using this paragraph to talk about my hatred for the stupid ass Redskins! I mean come on….THEY WENT 9-7!!!!!! That is not anything to be proud of! I don’t believe this is going to be a close matchup at all. The Packers are looking like a pile of shit too, but hey they still have Aaron Rodgers I’ll take him any day over every idiot on the Redskins roster! I expect this to be a sloppy game with turnovers galore from both teams, but Rodgers will make the big plays when he needs to and that will be the deciding factor in this game.

Packers over Redskins 35-10


Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Cincinnati Bengals

I’d have a lot more confidence in the Bengals had Andy Dalton not been injured weeks ago, but they already had issues winning in the Playoffs with him so I can imagine how it’s going to be without him. The Bengals are a very good team, great on the defensive side of the ball, but very mediocre on the offensive side with AJ McCarron at quarterback. He’s not terrible he can definitely manage this offense, but I don’t feel like he’s had enough experience to win this game. I am not overly impressed with the Steelers either. They are way too inconsistent for me to really believe in them just yet, but I’m positive they will fuck some shit up in the Playoffs this season! Ben Roethlisberger is having another stellar season and has his pick of receivers to get the ball to deep to make big plays. They’ve also mastered the two point conversion this season, which could help them pull away from any close games in the Playoffs. Roethlisberger has thrown for 16 interceptions, but that is misleading since he has to throw more to make up for the mediocre running game. The Steelers defense has a ton of holes and are known to give up big plays so if AJ Green happens to break free at all then McCarron should be able to get some easy scores to keep pace. In the end I can’t take the Bengals in the post season until they prove to me they aren’t chokers!

Steelers over Bengals 28-17

Kansas City Chiefs Vs Houston Texans

The Texans do not belong anywhere near the Playoffs this season! On offense they were garbage and on defense all they have is JJ Watt and while he is a fantastic football player, he alone will NOT win you a Championship…or even one win in the Playoffs! The Chiefs are probably one of the most boring teams you can find, but they win and that’s all that matters. Alex Smith is the definition of “game manager” seriously if you look up the term in the dictionary you will see his picture along with Trent Dilfer! The Chiefs have a dominant defense and should have A LOT of fun with the Texans atrocious offense. Brian Hoyer is the king of mediocrity, he will pull you in one week looking like an MVP against the Jaguars scoring touchdowns like it’s the easiest thing in the World, but then the next he will throw for 4 interceptions and get sacked 9 times. I anticipate an extremely boring game, luckily it’s the first game on tap for the weekend so we can get that shit outta the way RIGHT QUICK!!!

Chiefs over Texans 20-7