Tuesday, October 25, 2016

World Series Prediction

Division Series Record (1-3)
Championship Series Record (1-1)

2016 World Series Prediction

Cleveland Indians Vs Chicago Cubs

I’ve pretty much spent this entire season doubting the Cleveland Indians because I figured they were just a fraudulent team on a lucky streak and it was going to end at some point! But somehow, some way this team keeps on winning and I think they have what it takes to win it all. The Cubs have also been dominant throughout the entire season and into the playoffs, and have been the favorites to win it all since Spring Training, so it’s really no shock to see the Cubs in this position. Overall this should be a good matchup because both of these teams come in with the best pitching in the league. I expect to see some pitchers duel’s in this series, with starting pitching going deep into a game and the bull pen can step in when necessary. The Cubs have a better batting lineup, but that really doesn’t matter if you’re pitching and defense can prevent them from scoring, which is something that has consistently happened to the Cubs in the post season. I believe the edge in this matchup will be the Managers. Joe Maddon (Cubs) and Terry Francona (Indians) are exceptional managers and have taken two separate teams each to the World Series, but Francona knows how to win! He knows how to keep his players motivated when down and out, he knows how to make the tough decisions when under pressure, and he always maintains composure. Joe Maddon can do all of those same things as well, but Francona has the rings to prove it and I think that will be huge in this matchup! I’m done doubting the Indians and when it all comes down to it, I love to watch the Cubs lose! Sorry I’m an asshole always and forever!

Indians over Cubs 6 games

Friday, October 14, 2016

ALCS & NLCS Predictions

Division Series Record (1-3)

2016 MLB Championship Series Predictions


Los Angeles Dodgers Vs Chicago Cubs

I’m pretty shocked that the Dodgers were able to make it this far, but then again they played the Nationals in the previous round and we all know that they always love to lose in the post season, so here we are! I don’t anticipate this to be a competitive series at all because the Cubs are a far superior team compared to the Dodgers. The Cubs pitching is the best in the league and I don’t think the Dodgers batting lineup is going to have many opportunities to get on base against them. The Cubs defense is lights out too and tough to score on. Javier Baez makes some of the craziest, most un-human plays in the infield and almost nothing gets by this dude. I’m not really sold on anything about the Dodgers except for the starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw and I doubt he’s going to be able to carry this team past this stacked Cubs team!

Cubs over Dodgers in 5 games


Toronto Blue Jays Vs Cleveland Indians

Cleveland fans must be in total shock right now! First the Cavaliers win the NBA Championship and now the Indians may bring home a World Series Championship in the same year?! The Indians dominated the Red Sox in the previous round with great pitching from the starters down to the bullpen. They were able to shut down one of the top batting lineups in the league and sent Big Papi off into retirement! The Blue Jays are something else if you ask me. I really like what this team has done throughout the season and the way they have dominated in the playoffs so far has made me even more of a believer. The Blue Jays batting lineup is tops in the league, you can’t even pitch around certain hitters because the guy behind him is also capable of getting on base and driving in runs. If any game becomes a pitcher’s duel the Blue Jays have the advantage because they have solid starting pitching, along with a really good bullpen, and I believe have a much better chance of scoring. Terry Francona is a great manager and has his team prepared for anything so it’s tough to count the Indians out, but the Blue Jays are a power house team who I believe can win it all if they continue to play like they have this season!

Blue Jays over Indians in 6 games

Thursday, October 6, 2016

ALDS & NLDS Predictions

2016 MLB Division Series Playoff Predictions


San Francisco Giants Vs Chicago Cubs

It's an even year and since 2010 the Giants have won three World Series Championships during the even years. I'm not quite sure how they make that happen, but every time the Giants make the Playoffs under Bruce Bochy they always step it up! Now I know, during the regular season the Giants were absolute crap during the second half and were really lucky to make the Playoffs, but they are in and showed in the Wild Card round against the Mets that they are ready for another World Series run. Madison Bumgarner is a beast and when it comes to post season play this guy never backs down and has proven he is the greatest pitcher when it comes to the post season of ALL TIME! Go take a look at the stats that back up that statement and try to prove otherwise, good luck with that because you can't! I'm fully aware that the Cubs straight up dominated the regular season and they are a great team, but over the last 100 years (not an exaggeration) they continue to fail during the post season. Don't talk to me about stupid worthless curses either, that's what I refer to as loser talk and only stupid morons believe in such things as curses. The reason why the Cubs fail in the post season is because they are choke artists and until they prove otherwise that's all they will ever be! I know a lot of the wishy washy fans just can't wait to see the Cubs finally win the big one, well guess what I'm a bitchy watchy fan and I love watching teams  who consistently lose in the post season repeat it every single time and I will keep on laughing at the Cubs until they finally win. Which will not be this season because unfortunately for them they are going up against a team that knows how to win during the post season no matter what the circumstances are and while I believe the Cubs have the overall better team that doesn't matter, momentum is everything in the Playoffs and the Giants have it! So Cubs fans get your new "curse" excuse ready for this year because once this series is over you're going to need it to soothe the pain!

Giants over Cubs in 4 games

Los Angeles Dodgers Vs Washington Nationals

I’m not quite sure how the Dodgers got here because overall this team had a lot to overcome throughout the regular season, starting with their new manager Dave Roberts. He was coming into an already established Dodgers team that could implode at any minute and did so under Don Mattingly time and time again. There was non-stop drama with Yasiel Puig, whose play has diminished over time and is turning out to be a complete bust! There is always promise when you have a great pitcher like Clayton Kershaw, but he spent the second half of the season rehabbing a back injury. He’s back so we will see how effective he is in the playoffs, especially since he’s been a huge choke artist in his past playoff appearances. The Nationals on the other hand have dominated this season from start to finish. Bryce Harper began the season on fire, but has slowly cooled off throughout the second half, injuries seem to be taking a toll on him. The Nationals have maintained their high level of play with lights out pitching from starters down to the bullpen. I believe the Nationals are a much better team overall than the Dodgers and until the Dodgers can prove they can win in the playoffs, which they haven’t over the past decade, then I cannot pick them to win a playoff series.

Nationals over Dodgers in 4 games


Toronto Blue Jays Vs Texas Rangers

I am looking forward to this matchup a lot! These two teams aren’t even in the same division, hell they aren’t even in the same country, but they HATE each other! Whenever these teams play each other it is a hard fought battle and fists may be thrown. I have a feeling this will be an offensive shootout. While both teams have great pitching, they are even better when they come up to bat. The Blue Jays have one of the best batting lineups in the league and are tough to pitch around, especially when they get hot! Jose Bautista has always been one of my favorite guys to watch play baseball, unlike some losers he always steps it up come playoff time and I find it amusing how much he pisses off all the crybaby old timers who feel he’s “disrespecting” the game by celebrating when he makes game winning plays. I have a suggestion to the crybabies currently in the league, how about you learn how to strike him out and then maybe he will shutup?!?!? Unfortunately, I don’t believe the Rangers will be that team to quiet him or any of the rest of the batters in the Blue Jays lineup. The Rangers are notorious for choking in the postseason and I don’t believe that will be changing this season!

Blue Jays over Rangers in 5 games

Boston Red Sox Vs Cleveland Indians

The Indians have been a huge surprise this season. They started off hot and I figured they’d cool down at some point, but so far they’ve managed to maintain their winning ways. The Indians batting lineup is one of the most consistent in the league and they tend to go overlooked because they aren’t going to kill you with homeruns, but they will get plenty of guys on base and bring them home for a score. They have some good pitchers, but the only problem is they continue to get hurt so none of them have been able to stand out against anyone else in the league. The Red Sox are coming out of the best division in baseball and I’m pretty sure most of us are shocked that they ended up winning the division and not another team! What is most shocking to me is how dominant they have been with their starting pitching led by Porcello and Price. Once everybody got healthy the batting lineup has been unstoppable with four players who have a batting average of at least .300, that’s just insane! That is where I believe the Red Sox will have an advantage in this matchup, this batting lineup is tough and while the Indians have some good pitchers they have been struggling this second half and if the Red Sox get up on them quick it will be tough for the Indians to make a come back.

Red Sox over Indians in 4 games