Friday, February 1, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII Prediction

Wildcard Record: 3-1
Divisional Record: 2-2
Conf Champs Record: 2-0

Super Bowl XLVII Prediction

Baltimore Ravens Vs San Francisco 49ers

What a matchup this is going to be, both of these teams are evenly matched on offense, defense, special teams and even with the coaches! Both of The Harbaugh brothers have proven to be tough and smart coaches making huge decisions mid season and have ended up in The Super Bowl. Jim Harbaugh had to make the decision in the middle of the season to start Colin Kaepernick at quarterback over Alex Smith and so far it has worked out for The 49ers. Kaepernick has been lighting up defenses in many different ways whether it's through the air or on the ground he gets it done, he's not afraid or intimidated by anything and he obviously has his teammates respect. The 49ers defense is also one of the best in the league and everybody seems to have forgotten how good they are just because Kaepernick has been playing so well. But their front line is stacked and ready to attack any opposing quarterback and have his ass either laid out for a sack or causing a turnover.

John Harbaugh decided to fire his offensive coordinator in the middle of the season and so far that decision has proven to be the correct one. Joe Flacco has been lighting up every defense he has faced so far this post season and hasn't thrown one interception either, so he's not only airing it out and scoring points but not making any mistakes. I can't forget about their beast running back Ray Rice, he is such a huge part of this offense and is always reliable in the clutch. This is Ray Lewis's last game and I have a feeling that every guy on this team will be playing their hearts out to make sure he ends it on top. The Ravens have always been known for their defense and now that they're healthy we've seen why during the playoffs. I picked The Ravens to win it all at the beginning of the season and I have to stick with them until the end. This should be a great Super Bowl and I don't see either team running away with it, but The Ravens have been tested more during the season and I feel will end up winning it all in the end.

Ravens over 49ers 28-24

MVP: Ed Reed