Friday, October 15, 2021

ALCS & NLCS Predictions


Division Series Record (1-3)

ALCS & NLCS Predictions


Boston Red Sox Vs Houston Astros

Well, what do we have here? Two teams who were reprimanded for cheating have made it all the way to the Championship series?! Hmmm…that’s kind of odd! I guess we will find out who the best cheater is in this matchup! Just kidding, unlike most fans I don’t hang onto stupid shit like that. It’s over and done with and now it’s time to discuss the present! I am pretty surprised that the Red Sox have made it this far because they have been an inconsistent team this season, but they are here and they absolutely dominated the Rays in the ALDS. I expect to see a lot of offense in this matchup because both of these lineups can break open an inning at any given moment. The Astros have been a really strong team, even though they have had plenty of injuries to overcome throughout, but they do look healthy at this point in time and they look like they will be really difficult to stop. The Red Sox have been too streaky this season to trust against a team like the Astros who have been the exact opposite. The Astros pitching is slightly better because they have a deep bullpen who will be able to get them out of a jam and they have an offense that just won’t let up. Even if they have a lead, they usually don’t take the foot off the accelerator and this will be too much for the Red Sox to handle in a seven game series.

Astros over Red Sox in 5 games



Los Angeles Dodgers Vs Atlanta Braves

The Dodgers have been on fire this season and are coming into the NLCS off of a huge series win against the Giants. The Dodgers are by far the most talented team in the league with an all-star at pretty much every position on the field. The Braves also have a very talented roster, I just don’t know if they are ready to compete against a team like the Dodgers in a seven game series. The Dodgers starting pitching is really deep and can go well into the 8th or 9th inning and if they start to stumble at any point in the game, they have a solid group of pitchers in the bullpen who can come out and get them out of a jam. The batting lineup can score at any time, as can the Braves, but if things get out of hand I’m not sure the Braves will be able to keep up on offense or defense. I think this will be a good series, but the Dodgers have a lot of postseason experience which I think will help put them over the edge in this matchup.

Dodgers over Braves in 6 games

Thursday, October 7, 2021

ALDS & NLDS Playoff Predictions


ALDS & NLDS Predictions


Boston Red Sox Vs Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays have been a silent killer in the AL this season because nobody really noticed how good they are until now. I wasn’t sure that they were going to be that good this season just because they lost three of their starting pitchers from last season when they went to the World Series, but so far they have had no problems at all with the pitching. The batting order is one of the best in the league and can break open an inning at any time. Randy Arozarena really busted out last season and has continued his run into this season and he’s not the only one in the batting order who can score a lot of runs. The Red Sox on the other hand have looked very mediocre this season. The pitching is pretty awful at times and they can score some runs, but the pitching will give up just as many runs in return. The Rays owned the Red Sox this season and I don’t see them letting up in this series!

Rays over Red Sox in 3 games


Chicago White Sox Vs Houston Astros

The White Sox have been quietly building a dominant and young squad mostly through their farm system over the years. This is the season where it all finally came together and they are now a legitimate team. The batting lineup has been lights out led by Jose Abreu who basically can’t be stopped when he steps up to the plate. The pitching has been solid. They have their moments when they shine, but they also have moments where they look like shit and this could be a problem going up against the Astros. Houston has been playing some great baseball all season long and the batting lineup is the most dominant in the league. It’s hard to find a weak spot in the batting order because there isn’t one. The starting pitching isn’t what it used to be, but it’s still good enough to get the job done. The Astros offense has been high flying and is really difficult to stop and I believe if the White Sox get in too deep of a hole they won’t be able to keep up with Houston. This should be a fun series to watch and I expect it to go the distance, but I think the Astros are the better team and will come out on top in this series.

Astros over White Sox in 5 games



Los Angeles Dodgers Vs San Francisco Giants

It’s crazy to think with how deep this rivalry is and with how many times these two teams have played each other, that this is the first time ever in their history that they’ve faced each other in the playoffs! These are clearly the two best teams in the league as they have dominated from start to finish! They have dominated in two completely different fashions as well. The Dodgers have the deepest roster in the league and that is with purpose given all the injuries they have had this season. The Giants have played all around great baseball in every way. The starting pitching is flawless, the bullpen is deep with talent, the defense is great and the batting lineup is one of the best in the league. The Giants hit with purpose and by that I mean they can get runners on base and score a lot of runs out of nowhere. Even when you think they are down and out they have made comebacks in the bottom of the 9th or in extra innings to get it going. There is no quit in this team and Gabe Kapler has managed this team perfectly! The edge in this matchup goes to the Giants because they are a more healthy team than the Dodgers and I think their pitching will be able to handle this lineup, while the offense gets them the runs they need. I expect this to be a great series, not only because of the rivalry, but also because these are the two best teams in the league and it will be a battle!

Giants over Dodgers in 5 games


Atlanta Braves Vs Milwaukee Brewers

When the season began I don’t think a lot of people had the Brewers not only winning their division, but also being one of the most dominant teams in the league. The Brewers pitching has been phenomenal this season. The starting pitchers have dominated and when things start to get a little shaky with the starting pitcher, there is always someone who can take over in the bullpen to get them out of a bind. The Brewers pitching has carried them throughout the season, but the batting order has done its job as well. The Braves batting order is impressive from top to bottom because they are excellent at playing small ball by just getting guys on base and setting them up in position to score. The pitching is not bad either. They have their ups and they have their downs, but overall they have solid starting pitching. The bullpen can be suspect at times and that may end up being what gets them into trouble in this series. The edge in this matchup is the Brewers pitching. If this series turns into a pitching battle at any point the Brewers have a much deeper bench to reach into that is a lot more reliable than the Braves.

Brewers over Braves in 4 games

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

2021 NFL Season Predictions - Postseason


2021 NFL Season Predictions – Postseason


NFC Playoff Teams

1.      Buccaneers (13-4)

2.      Rams (12-5)

3.      Cowboys (11-6)

4.      Packers (10-7)

5.      Seahawks (10-7)

6.      Vikings (9-8)

7.      Panthers (9-8)


AFC Playoff Teams

1.      Bills (13-4)

2.      Chiefs (12-5)

3.      Ravens (11-6)

4.      Titans (10-7)

5.      Chargers (10-7)

6.      Browns (10-7)

7.      Colts (9-8)


Wild Card Round


Panthers Vs Rams

Vikings Vs Cowboys

Seahawks Vs Packers



Colts Vs Chiefs

Browns Vs Ravens

Chargers Vs Titans


Divisional Round


Packers Vs Buccaneers

Cowboys Vs Rams



Titans Vs Bills

Ravens Vs Chiefs


Conference Championships


Cowboys Vs Buccaneers



Ravens Vs Bills


Super Bowl LVI

Buccaneers Vs Bills

Champs: Buccaneers