Thursday, December 28, 2017

College Football Playoff Predictions

College Football Playoff Predictions

Georgia Vs Oklahoma

This matchup seems like kind of a waste of time because I don’t see either of these teams actually winning the National Championship! I’ve been waiting for Georgia to fall off all season once they caught fire, because they’ve always seemed like a fraudulent team to me. Don’t get me wrong they’re a good team, but I just don’t see them holding up the trophy when it’s all said and done. Baker Mayfield won the Heisman Trophy this year and it was well deserved since he has been the only reason why Oklahoma is even in this position. Mayfield has lit up just about every defense he has faced this season and has had some really major upsets along the way, most notably against Ohio State. It actually pains me to say this, but I believe he will get another big win against Georgia. Both of these teams can score like crazy and I believe we will see a shootout in this one, but the way this season has played out that kind of a game plays into Mayfield’s favor. He has made a ton of clutch plays this season and has been really smart with the ball for the most part. Also, Bob Stoops is no longer the coach so his loser stench has left the building and the Sooners are building something new. For the record, the fact that I am giving all these compliments to the Sooners actually pains me since I hate them with every fiber of my being, but hey I can only speak the truth! I believe Oklahoma will walk away as the winner in this matchup!

Oklahoma over Georgia 45-41

Alabama Vs Clemson

Well here we go folks round number three between Alabama and Clemson! It won’t be for the National Championship, but it should be another great matchup between these two teams! Clemson has continued to dominate college football this season by playing great defense. Usually Clemson is known as an offensive powerhouse, and they still have a good offense, but this season it is all about that defense! They are very difficult to score against and at the end of the game if everything is on the line for a win, they end up on top! Now with that being said Alabama also has an insane defense! As a matter of fact, statistically they are better! They also have a well balanced offense and it’s never a good thing to be playing the Crimson Tide following a loss because usually they kick your ass! I expect this to be a defensive battle between both teams and whoever is able to take advantage of whatever small opportunity they have to score will win. I think the edge in this matchup goes to Alabama because they have an exceptional running back, Damien Harris, who averages 8 yards per carry and can make a big play at any time. Also, like I said before Alabama is coming off of a loss and are probably pissed off, they don’t usually lose two games in a row, so naturally I’m just expecting to see Alabama back in the National Championship.

Alabama over Clemson 17-14