Monday, October 25, 2021

World Series Prediction


Division Series Record (1-3)

Championship Series Record (1-1)


World Series Prediction 

Atlanta Braves Vs Houston Astros

The Braves have charged on through the postseason and look damn good while doing it! The starting pitching has been solid, the bullpen is deep, they play great on defense, and can keep up with anyone offensively. The Astros have relied mostly on their offense because they are tough to keep up with once they start scoring runs, but the pitching has been up and down all season long. They have a couple decent starting pitchers in Lance McCullers (who may not even play due to injury) and Framber Valdez, but the bullpen is highly questionable. This is why I believe the Astros will have an uphill battle against the Braves because the Braves pitching has proven all season long they can get the job done even when tested. The Braves have also lost some of their star players due to injury and have been able to overcome those losses. The Astros pitchers have been blown up and were lucky to have survived the ALCS against the Red Sox offense! The Astros are lucky they have a great lineup that can score, but at some point you need a pitcher to come in and stop the bleeding. Not only do I believe the Braves have the pitching to outlast the Astros in a series, but they are on fire right now and their batting lineup can’t be stopped. The Braves have looked locked in this postseason and are playing spectacular team baseball and I expect them to walk away with a World Series win!

Braves over Astros in 6 games

MVP: Freddie Freeman

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