Tuesday, September 29, 2020

NBA Finals Prediction


First Round Record (6-2)

Semifinal Round Record (2-2)

Conference Finals Record (2-0)


NBA Finals Prediction

Miami Heat Vs Los Angeles Lakers

Well we finally made it all the way to the NBA Finals! It was rocky and even questionable at times if this was going to happen, but it’s finally here, the NBA Finals and my Lakers are back in it! When the playoffs began there was no way anybody thought this matchup was possible because nobody even considered the Heat to be a legitimate contender, but Jimmy Butler said fuck ya’ll we gonna own the East! The Heat ran over every opponent they faced in the playoffs and made it look easy for the most part. Jimmy Butler has been playing out of his mind since the restart and the rest of his team has followed his lead. They’ve been fire on offense, but really have held it down on the defensive side of the ball as well. They are facing a much bigger beast in the Lakers than what they were up against in the Eastern Conference. LeBron is just LeBron I really don’t even need to break it down anymore because it’s obvious nobody has anyone who can really matchup against him for an entire series. While the Heat do have Andre Iguodala, a man who has held LeBron in check in Finals of the past, they don’t have an answer for Anthony Davis. The dude is a unicorn, he can lock you down on defense by making an insane block on one end of the court and then run back to the other end of the court and knock down a clutch three. The Heat don’t matchup well at all in the paint and will have difficulties trying to outrebound the Lakers. It should be an interesting series and the Heat should not be overlooked, but the Lakers are the better team and should walk away with this one. The power of Kobe compels them and if you thought for one second that when he died the Lakers weren’t going to win it all this year, then mother fucker you don’t know that Mamba Mentality and what he meant to the fans, the Lakers organization, and the current roster. This one’s for Kobe!!!

Lakers over Heat in 6 games

MVP: LeBron James

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