Wednesday, September 16, 2020

NBA Conference Finals Predictions


First Round Record (6-2) 

Semifinal Round Record (2-2)


NBA Conference Final Predictions 

Western Conference

Denver Nuggets Vs Los Angeles Lakers

The Denver Nuggets are the comeback kids of the postseason! They have been down 3-1 in both of the previous rounds in the playoffs and came back to win the series. Nikola Jokic has carried this team on his back all season and he will be tough for the Lakers to contain, but the Lakers are going to be the best defense that the Nuggets have faced in the postseason. The Lakers should not overlook the Nuggets at all, but they should not be worried about losing this series. The only way that will happen is if they beat themselves. The Lakers defense has been great thanks in part to Anthony Davis, of course, but Caruso is a scrappy mother fucker and he has really stepped it up on the defensive side of the ball, while also knocking down some clutch three’s. The Nuggets will be a good test for the Lakers and probably the toughest opponent they have faced up to this point in the postseason, but the Lakers are too damn talented and have too deep of a roster to lose a seven game series to the Nuggets.

Lakers over Nuggets in 6 games


Eastern Conference

Miami Heat Vs Boston Celtics

This is going to be one exciting matchup to watch because these teams matchup really well against each other, but they also feature two of the hottest players in the league since the restart with Kemba Walker for the Celtics and Jimmy Butler for the Heat. The Heat have been unstoppable in the postseason and have only lost one game up to this point. They have been lights out on the offensive side of the ball, but also, have been really solid on defense. The Celtics did get exposed a bit against the Raptors, but they still played a great series and I expect them to continue playing at a high level against the Heat. It looks like they will get Gordon Heyward back at some point in this series which will be a boost for the team. In the end I think the Heat are playing too well to be stopped by anyone right now. Jimmy Butler is playing like a man on a mission and he even said before the restart that the Heat were here to win it all, and from what we have seen from them so far, they weren’t playing around. The X-factor in this matchup, to me, will be Andre Iguodala because when it comes to the playoffs this guy ALWAYS shows up and is reliable. He will make the big play when you need him to and he will defend the best player on the opposing team regardless of who they are and will dominate them.

Heat over Celtics in 7 games

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