Sunday, October 11, 2020

ALCS & NLCS Playoff Predictions


Wild Card Record (6-2)

Division Series Record (1-3)


MLB Championship Series Playoff Predictions


Houston Astros Vs Tampa Bay Rays

So, do you think the Astros are playing with a chip on their shoulders this postseason or what? They have obliterated both teams they’ve faced in the playoffs and the Rays better watch out because this team is coming in hot. Don’t forget, cheating aside, this team has pretty much dominated the American League so they do know how to win, especially this time of year. The Rays look solid and have played consistent all season long with great pitching and a deep batting order. Even when things look down and out for them they are able to overcome and make a big play when necessary. Overall, the Rays are a better team than the Astros, especially when it come to pitching. The Astros starting pitching is lucky if they don’t get lit up by the second inning and the bullpen isn’t any better, but on offense they will light you up and if you can’t keep up you won’t have a chance against the Astros. While I believe the Rays are the better team, the Astros are the hotter team and are playing at a high level that will be difficult to stop. They also have the edge with the postseason experience. They may not have any trash cans to bang this time around, but I still think the result will be the same and the Astros will head to the World Series where they can finally play in front of a crowd and hopefully hear the boo’s they so deserve for being cheaters!

Astros over Rays in 6 games



Atlanta Braves Vs Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers have dominated the National League this season from start to finish and have rolled through the playoffs! They look unstoppable for the most part, but this Braves team may finally be the team that puts the Dodgers to the test. These teams are equal in so many ways from the starting pitching, to the bullpen and all the way down their batting order. The Braves are finally healthy and have also rolled through the playoffs without a loss so, this is going to be a great matchup regardless of the outcome. The great thing about a seven game series is when teams like these that are so evenly matched have to battle it out for possibly seven straight games, it becomes a battle of which team can make the least amount of mistakes and, who is able to take advantage of those few opportunities that will present themselves during a series. The starting pitching for both teams is great from top to bottom, but I think the Braves pitching was pushed to the brink in their playoff run, while the Dodgers have made it look easy. I think that is a slight advantage the Braves have over the Dodgers because they know can battle through and make it through some tough innings. Where-as the Dodgers haven’t really been tested at all and we know over the years when they get a few runs down the game can get away from even their best pitchers. It should be a great matchup to watch, but I think the Braves are going to shock the World and move onto the World Series!

Braves over Dodgers in 7 games

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