Sunday, October 4, 2020

ALDS & NLDS Playoff Predictions


Wild Card Record (6-2)

MLB Division Series Playoff Predictions


Houston Astros Vs Oakland A’s

Well look at the Astros actually, winning a series without cheating! Congrats to them! The Wild Card series was the best the Astros have looked all season and they may shake some things up now in this postseason. The pitching looked decent for the first time and they were able to produce some runs on the offensive side of the ball. They looked confident, which is something we haven’t really seen from them at all this season. The A’s looked solid against the White Sox in the Wild Card round from top to bottom. They have been one of the most consistent teams this season and even when it looks like the game has gotten away from them, they come right back swinging and get it going again. The edge in this matchup goes to the A’s because their pitching is great and they look really confident right now. The Astros will make this a good series to watch, but in the end I think the A’s will move onto the next round!

A’s over Astros in 4 games


New York Yankees Vs Tampa Bay Rays

This may turn out to be the best matchup we get in this round because these two teams are division rivals and know each other very well. The Rays played great against the Yankees this year, but they did benefit from all the injuries the Yankees suffered throughout the regular season. This time around they’re getting a healthy and stacked Yankees lineup coming right at them who just owned some of the best pitching we have seen in this season. The Rays are coming in with a great pitching lineup, but as we just saw the Yankees do not give a fuck! This batting lineup can score at will and I don’t think anybody will be able to keep up if things get out of hand. The Rays are a solid team, but I think the Yankees are on fire right now and are going to be difficult to pitch around because they have too much power in that lineup with Judge, Stanton, Voit, LeMehieu, and that’s just to name a few. The Rays should make this an interesting series, but I think the Yankees will walk away with it all.

Yankees over Rays in 5 games


Miami Marlins Vs Atlanta Braves

The Braves were absolutely dominant against the Reds in the Wild Card round. I feel like if anybody had any questions about this team once the playoffs began, then those questions should have been answered with what you saw from the Braves. Pitching was great from top to bottom and they did not waiver once even in one of the best 13 inning playoff pitching battles I’ve ever seen, they still came out and dominated until the end. It doesn’t hurt that you may have the NL MVP in Freddie Freeman who stepped it up when he had to. The Marlins have been a fun team to watch and it’s nice to see all that losing over the past couple of seasons has panned out and here they are in the NLDS! While the Marlins have played very well up to this point, I still think the Braves are a far superior team on every level and will be too much for the Marlins to handle.

Braves over Marlins in 3 games


San Diego Padres Vs Los Angeles Dodgers

This is not the matchup the Dodgers wanted in the postseason because the Padres are the only team this season to play well against the Dodgers this season. They are Division rivals which should make this an interesting matchup in itself, but both of these teams are playing very well and have deep rosters with great players who can take over a game at any time. The Padres have been the comeback kids and played like it in the previous round against the Cardinals. When they looked down and out, they turned it around and did it with ease. The pitching was off at times, but the hitting was phenomenal and stepped it up big on the defensive side of the ball. The Dodgers had a nice little warm-up in the Wild Card round against the Brewers, but they should not expect the same cake walk against the Padres. Over the years the Dodgers have been a dominant regular season team, but then hit the postseason and completely shit the bed. This matchup could be more of the same because the Padres look really confident and are playing some great baseball. The pitching is the questionable area on their team and the Dodgers deep lineup will give them some troubles, but I think the Padres batting lineup has what it takes to keep up with the Dodgers in this series. The Padres have the hot hand and have been playing with a great level of confidence that is hard to pick against and, since they are the one team that has actually given the Dodgers problems this season I believe they have what it takes to win this series and move onto the NLCS.

Padres over Dodgers in 5 games

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