Saturday, January 23, 2021

NFL Conference Championship Predictions


Wild Card Record (4-2) 

Divisional Round Record (4-0)



Buffalo Bills Vs Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have definitely been the team to beat all season. Obviously, when you’re the reigning champs you are the top of the food chain until someone else takes you down and so far, nobody can touch the Chiefs. On offense they continue to drive down the field fast and score at will, and the defense has held it down and made the big play when they need to. You can’t ever let up on the Chiefs even when they are down and look like they have an uphill battle, they still make the comeback look pretty fuckin’ easy! The Bills offense is also nothing to sleep on. Josh Allen continues to get better with every game and at times has been the only thing they have going for them as far as a running game goes. I expect this matchup to be an offensive battle with each team going back and forth trading scores with multiple lead changes. Neither team really has much going for them as far as a rushing attack, so I’m expecting big things from both of the quarterbacks! This game is going to come down to whoever ends up with the ball on the last drive and that usually ends up working out in the Chiefs favor. They are the champs and have proven to be the team to beat, so far, and I don’t believe that will change in this matchup. It should be a great game, but I believe the Chiefs will come out on top with the win and move on to another Super Bowl.

Chiefs over Bills 35-31



Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs Green Bay Packers

We just can’t get rid of Tom Brady come playoff time, can we? If this guy makes the postseason he makes it very difficult to eliminate his ass, he’s like the playoff cockroach that won’t go away! You gotta give the dude credit though because he’s still playing at a high level and has his team one step away from the Super Bowl. This week’s task will be a tough one against the Packers who look like the best team in football right now. Aaron Rodgers is ballin’ this season and looks unstoppable, although this Bucs defense is the only team this season to give him some frustrations. He turned the ball over and was under pressure for the entire game earlier in the regular season, but I expect a much different game from the Packers this time around. The Packers seem to have it all together right now and are playing their best football, at the right time. The Bucs have had their moments, but overall they have been very inconsistent at times and if the game starts to get away from them it’s difficult for them to get their mind right and get things back on track. While I expect this to be a great game between two great quarterbacks, I believe the Packers are the better team that have been more consistent and are peaking at the right time in the season.

Packers over Buccaneers 31-28

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