Friday, January 8, 2021

NFL Wild Card Round Playoff Predictions



Indianapolis Colts Vs Buffalo Bills

I hope the Colts have their heads on a swivel this week because they gotta face off against dem Bills and they ain’t no joke! The Bills have been, by far, one of the most complete teams this season. On offense Josh Allen is the truth! He has a cannon for an arm and can deliver the most precise pass to his reliable receivers. Stefon Diggs is one of the biggest playmakers in the league and can be a game changer on offense, and the defense is nothing to sleep on either. The Colts are not chumps and I expect them to bring their “A” game to this one, but they’re facing a tough opponent in this round who I think could actually win it all. The Bills are on fire and look like they can’t be stopped and until I see otherwise, I can’t pick against the Bills.

Bills over Colts 28-17


Baltimore Ravens Vs Tennessee Titans

This will probably be the best matchup of the weekend because both teams have a similar style of play. First, let’s talk about Derrick Henry, the running back for the Titans. He is a mother fucking beast! It sucks to see he won’t get the MVP because he’s a running back and it’s really difficult to make a case against anyone other than Aaron Rodgers for that award this season, but he did surpass 2,000 yards and that is very special and a difficult thing to do. Derrick Henry is HANDS DOWN the BEST running back in the league and there is no argument on that one! He makes grown men look like little girls on the football field when he tosses them around like rag dolls, which has been very entertaining to watch! The Ravens started off the season looking great, but were cooled off when facing off against tougher opponents. They have picked it back up, but they haven’t proven that they can beat a legit team this season. The edge in this matchup will be Lamar Jackson and how he plays. The Titans defense is mediocre and if he’s able to take advantage of that and shred them up through the air and on the ground, then the Ravens will walk away with this win.

Ravens over Titans 31-30


Cleveland Browns Vs Pittsburgh Steelers

A division matchup in the playoffs usually bring some of the best games because both teams have already played each other twice in the regular season and know each other well. The Browns have not reached the playoffs since 2002, so basically this team has already won the Super Bowl because the fans actually have something to cheer for in the playoffs this year! The Steelers started off the season as one of the top teams to beat, but then took a nosedive as the season went on. The ground game really hasn’t been a factor and the wide receivers are dropping every pass that comes their way. The defense has held it down all season and I don’t see them letting up in this one, as a matter of fact, I believe they will be the reason why they win this one. While I’m not too confident in the Steelers right now, I still think they’re better than the Browns. They kicked the Browns ass in the first matchup this season and the Browns could barely get past the second and third string squad of the Steelers last week. I don’t have much faith that the Browns will pull this one out, but they will still put up a good fight.

Steelers over Browns 24-20



Los Angeles Rams Vs Seattle Seahawks

Under normal circumstances, this would actually be a great matchup to watch, but unfortunately the rams starting quarterback, Jared Goff, will not be playing due to injury and his backup, whose name I can’t even remember, will be starting in his place. That alone to me says the Rams are FUCKED! Yes, they do have an excellent defense that was able to hold it down for them last week against a mediocre Cardinals team, but this is the Seahawks, and this is the postseason where they always step it up. While I don’t believe the Seahawks are an unbeatable team, in this situation, I believe that they are. This is the NFL and this is the postseason. Some bum quarterback who just took his first NFL snaps last week is going to have a nice little “welcome to the NFL” moment against the Seahawks this week. Good luck dude you might complete a few passes…to the Seahawks!

Seahawks over Rams 24-6


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs Washington Stupid Fucks

Well, well, well, it looks like Tom Brady is back in the playoffs yet again, but this time around he’s not only on a new team, but also in a new conference! The Bucs have had their ups and downs, but that was to be expected since there was no offseason for this team to get on the same page. It’s actually pretty insane to see Tom Brady continue to play at a high level in his 40’s. When you compare his stats to last season he’s actually improved in every area of his game, which really says a lot about him as a player and why he still has a career at his age. It’s not just Brady though who has got the Bucs to this point, Ronald Jones at running back has literally come out of nowhere to light this offense on fire and the defense is applying the pressure on every opponent. Washington is not a good team at all. The defensive line is stacked, but other than that the offense is vanilla. Alex Smith has had a great comeback from that horrifying leg injury he suffered a couple years ago, but you can tell towards the end of the season he is having difficulties completing passes. If he goes deep the ball flutters in the air and falls short of the receiver and is prone for interceptions, he has no mobility at all, and on top of that is nursing a calf injury which has also made him look very mediocre. I have a feeling this will be a long day for the Washington Stupid Fucks (this is their team name until they actually create a REAL team name, football team is NOT a real team name, figure out a REAL name this is the NFL STUPID FUCKS!) the Buccaneers shouldn’t have a problem moving onto the next round!

Buccaneers over Stupid Fucks 38-13


Chicago Bears Vs New Orleans Saints

It’s pretty laughable that the Bears are in the playoffs because this team overall is just straight garbage. The defense, as usual, is the best aspect of this team and has been the main reason why they were able to back their way into the playoffs, but this offense is horrible! They have absolutely no ground attack and Mitchell Trubisky is a very mediocre quarterback. Trubisky can manage the game for the most part, but when the going gets tough he turns the ball over, A LOT! The Saints, on the other hand, are one of the most complete teams in the league. This is the first year that the Saints haven’t had to rely on Drew Brees and his arm to carry them through the season, it was the stout defense and consistent ground game from Alvin Kamara and Taysom Hill.  I don’t believe this game will be close at any point other than the first kickoff. The Saints are a far superior team on every level and should easily coast past the Bears.

Saints over Bears 42-10

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