Saturday, May 22, 2021

NBA First Round Playoff Predictions


Western Conference

Utah Jazz Vs Memphis Grizzlies

I hope the Grizzlies enjoyed the play-in round because shit’s about to get real for them in this round. The Grizzlies do have a lot of firepower on offense, but going up against the Jazz you need a lot more than that! Rudy Gobert has been a beast this season for the Jazz and the Grizzlies have no one at all to try and contain him. Even if Donovan Mitchell isn’t at 100% in this series I expect this to be short and sweet.

Jazz over Grizzlies in 4 games


Phoenix Suns Vs Los Angeles Lakers

Chris Paul has proven time and again that he is that dude that can come along and instantly change a team for the better. The Suns haven’t even been close to the playoffs in like 10 years and now they are one of the top teams out West?! They have dominated all season long and that is all because of Chris Paul and his leadership on the court. He has completely changed this organization for the better, but what sucks for them is their first matchup in the postseason are the Lakers. Yes, the Lakers are coming into this matchup as the seven seed, but that’s only because LeBron was injured towards the end of the regular season. The Lakers are the top defensive team in the league which is going to be difficult for the Suns to overcome because they are a finesse team. They have nobody who can matchup against LeBron or Anthony Davis, and they are going to have some trouble trying to keep up in the paint. The Lakers are going to be put to the test and this one won’t be easy, but I think the Lakers have the edge not only with the depth of their roster, but also the veteran leadership helps. The majority of this Lakers squad already knows what it takes to win it all and no one on the Suns even knows what it’s like to have a winning season let alone know what it’s like to have a successful championship run!

Lakers over Suns in 6 games


Denver Nuggets Vs Portland Trail Blazers 

The Nuggets have had a great season led by Nikola Jokic who is the front-runner for the MVP this season. Jokic has been dominant on the offensive side of the ball and has been a beast in the paint. While the Nuggets have been playing dominant basketball this season, there is just something about them that makes me think they aren’t a legit contender. Damian Lillard has the Blazers looking sharp once again and nobody even notices because well it’s Portland, but I have a feeling Dame Dolla is about to leave yet another mark on the NBA when they least expect it. There is just something about that dude when it comes crunch time he always elevates his game and his team. The Nuggets are obviously the more dominant team, but there’s always an upset somewhere and in this round I believe this will be the matchup where we see an upset.

Blazers over Nuggets in 7 games


Los Angeles Clippers Vs Dallas Mavericks 

I’m not expecting this one to be much of a series because the Mavericks are not a good team, at all. Luka Doncic is a beast and is definitely the future of the league, but the way this team is currently setup there isn’t anyone else who can help take this team to the next level beyond Doncic. He has some major issues staying in the game with all the technical fouls he has been issued this season and that could end up giving the Clippers even more of an advantage than they already have against the Mavericks. The Clippers have a deep roster and the Mavericks have no way to keep up with that in a seven game series.

Clippers over Mavericks in 5 games


Eastern Conference

Philadelphia 76ers Vs Washington Wizards

This matchup is going to be so awful that I think the Wizards should just forfeit now because they have absolutely no chance! I’d be shocked if they even get one win in this series. The Wizards suck and the 76ers are so stacked as a team that even if they sat a few of their star players this would still be an easy one for them!

76ers over Wizards in 4 games


Brooklyn Nets Vs Boston Celtics

The Celtics are such a weird team because they have a ton of talent, but can’t seem to get it together this season. Sure, they have had to deal with injuries (like every other team), but even when they were healthy, they just can’t ever seem to get going and have next to no chemistry on the court. The Nets have looked great for the most part. They do have their issues, but I don’t think they will have any in this series. The Nets have way too much smoke on offense for the Celtics to handle and I expect this to be a quick series.

Nets over Celtics in 5 games


Milwaukee Bucks Vs Miami Heat

It’s been a quiet season out in Milwaukee even though they are still one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. I think they like it that way though because now nobody really remembers they are there and are a threat. No pressure is really on them because everybody is looking at Philly and Brooklyn out East. Giannis has had another solid season and looks like he’s ready to make a run this postseason. The Heat have been up and down all season long due to all the injuries they have had to deal with from the start of the season, but seem to finally have hit their stride and look to be up for the challenge against the Bucks. Jimmy Butler continues to shine and the postseason is where he really steps it up! I wouldn’t sleep on Miami if I were the Bucks, but overall I believe the Bucks are the better team and have played a much more consistent game this season while Miami has been way too streaky.

Bucks over Heat in 6 games


New York Knicks Vs Atlanta Hawks

Tom Thibodeau has really made an impression on this New York Knicks team and has done the unthinkable by turning them into a full-blown playoff team! Like the great Rakim said “they ain’t no joke” either. They may not be a championship level contender just yet, but they are definitely going to make things interesting in the Eastern Conference. They are scrappy on defense and Julius Randle is playing out of his mind! Derrick Rose is having a resurgence as well and is playing at a level that seemed to have been long gone. The Hawks have had a solid season led by Trae Young who continues to elevate his game, but I still think they have some work to do to become a legitimate contender in the Eastern Conference. The edge in this matchup goes to the Knicks because they play great on the defensive side of the ball and I don’t believe the Hawks have enough firepower to overcome the defense for an entire series against the Knicks.

Knicks over Hawks in 5 games

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