Saturday, January 29, 2022

NFL Conference Championship Playoff Predictions


Wild Card Record (4-2)

Divisional Round Record (0-4)


NFL Conference Championship Playoff Predictions



San Francisco 49ers Vs Los Angeles Rams

It’s weird because I feel like we just saw this matchup recently…oh yeah, that’s right we did in week 18 of the regular season! The 49ers absolutely own the Rams at this point because they are 6-0 over the last 3 seasons and week 18 was an epic collapse from the Rams! The 49ers are playing some great football right now dominating with some great play from both the offensive line and defensive line. On offense the ground game is tops in the league with Deebo Samuel leading the way. Jimmy G has been holding it down even when he throws an interception he does bounce back and step it up when he needs to make the big plays to keep the 49ers in the game. The defensive line is back to top form with Nick Bosa getting after every quarterback he has faced in the postseason and Fred Warner has been a huge play maker as well. The Rams have really caught their stride on both sides of the ball. The big moves they made to get OBJ and Von Miller have paid off in the postseason with both of them making a huge impact thus far. Matthew Stafford has been efficient throughout the postseason, but we will see what happens against the 49ers. I have a feeling the 49ers defense is going to be the difference maker in this matchup with them forcing a turnover or two to set the offense in up with good field position to get some points. Until the Rams prove they can get past the 49ers I can’t take them, especially with how well the 49ers are playing right now. They are playing their best football at the right time and I think they will keep it moving on into the Super Bowl!

49ers over Rams 28-24



Cincinnati Bengals Vs Kansas City Chiefs

It was only a couple of weeks ago when the Bengals beat the Chiefs in Cincinnati in a great battle between these two offenses. Ja’marr Chase had a career game against the Chiefs and actually had more receiving yards than Patrick Mahomes did passing yards. I have a feeling the Chiefs are happy to get some revenge this time around. The Chiefs are playing their best football that they have played all season and they are peaking at the perfect time. The offense is back to scoring in a matter of seconds and looked unstoppable last week against the Bills. The Bengals offense is good, but have had to settle for field goals in their last couple of matchups and that won’t work against the Chiefs. The Bengals have had a great season, but do have some major problems with the offensive line, which gave up 9 sacks last week! The Chiefs are not known for their defense, but the offense is going to be too much for the Bengals to try and keep up with. This is the playoffs and experience matters, that will come into play in this matchup. The Bengals will put up a good fight, but won’t be able to match what the Chiefs are bringing to the field in this matchup. The Chiefs are playing to well to get beat in this round! 

Chiefs over Bengals 35-28

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