Saturday, February 12, 2022

Super Bowl LVI Prediction


Wild Card Record (4-2)

Divisional Round Record (0-4)

Conference Championship Record (0-2)


Super Bowl LVI

Cincinnati Bengals Vs Los Angeles Rams

When the season began there is no way I would have predicted that this was going to be the matchup, but here we are, and it should be a good one! The Rams have had a great season overall and an even better playoff run. Matthew Stafford is proving exactly why the Rams trading for him was worth it because he already has his team in the Super Bowl! The Rams offense has been one of the best in the league, even with a weak ground attack, they have been able to overcome and get the job done through the air. OBJ has also paid dividends since they picked him up midway through the season, his chemistry with Stafford has only grown with every game. The defense is still lights out and will give the Bengals weak offensive line problems. I have a feeling Aaron Donald may get a sack or two…or three! With that being said, the Bengals look like a team of destiny. Even with the weakness at offensive line Joe Burrow gets right back up the next play and some how makes the big play when he needs to. The Bengals offense is no joke either and they will be able to keep pace with the Rams. While I believe on paper the Rams are the better team, historically when a team like the Bengals hit the playoffs and do what they have done thus far, it usually ends up with a Championship. Joe Burrow has ice in his veins and I don’t see him backing down in this matchup. I think the Bengals will get the best of the Rams in a close back and forth battle that could come down to a game winning drive, and I trust both of those teams in that situation. This one will be whoever has the ball last gets the win and I believe that will be the Bengals!

Bengals over Rams 28-24

MVP: Joe Burrow

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