Thursday, June 2, 2022

NBA Finals Prediction


First Round Record (8-0)

Conf. Semifinals Record (2-2)

Conference Finals Record (2-0)


NBA Finals Prediction

Golden State Warriors Vs Boston Celtics

The Warriors are in championship form and have been since the playoffs began! They have been playing with a chip on their shoulder that went away after the five straight Finals they went to a couple years ago. It seems everyone forgot how good the Warriors were, but they are here to make everyone remember that they have been here before and dominated! The Warriors have been getting healthier and Klay Thompson seems to be back right along with Draymond Green, but this time around they have some new young guns joining them! The Celtics have been one of the most dominating teams since January, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Jayson Tatum has been playing the best basketball of his career along with Jalen Brown, these two are lethal against any opponent they face and are a huge headache on the defensive side of the ball. While I believe the Celtics are an excellent team and will give the Warriors a run for their money the Celtics have been battling through injuries during the postseason, but the Warriors are full strength and are playing their best basketball of the year! The Celtics are great defensively, but I don’t believe they have enough to stop all of the offensive firepower of the Warriors with Thompson healthy again and Steph Curry still being Steph Curry! I believe the Warriors have the edge in this matchup with health and experience they should be able to withstand a seven game series against the Celtics.

Warriors over Celtics in 6 games

MVP: Steph Curry

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