Tuesday, October 11, 2022

ALDS & NLDS Playoff Predictions


Wild Card Record (1-3)


MLB Divisional Series Playoff Predictions


Seattle Mariners Vs Houston Astros

The Mariners are a very scrappy team and they are coming into this matchup on fire! They ended the regular season on a 10 game winning streak and then easily knocked out the Blue Jays in the Wild Card round. This team is a bunch of no-names, but they don’t play afraid and they stack up well against every team in the playoffs. The Astros are their division rival so I’m expecting this to be a close series because both teams know each other so well! The Astros are by far the best team in the American League. The starting pitching is the best in the league and they will be tough to get a run against. The batting lineup is unstoppable and once it gets going it’s tough to keep up. The Mariners played the Astros well this season, but did not win one series this season against the Astros and I don’t believe that will change in this matchup. The Astros are too good for me to pick against, at least this early in the playoffs!

Astros over Mariners in 5 games

Cleveland Guardians vs New York Yankees

These teams matchup really well against each other. They both have depth at starting pitching which will definitely be huge in a five game series. The Guardians have more depth in the bullpen so if any of the games become a pitching battle they will have the edge. The Yankees have a deeper and much more potent batting lineup led by Aaron Judge, but he’s not the only one who can rake in this lineup, don’t forget about Stanton and Rizzo. The rookie Cabrera has brought a new element to this batting lineup the last couple of weeks coming into the season so it will be interesting to see if he ends up making an impact in the playoffs. I have a feeling the Yankees bats will catch fire in this series and will be too much for the Guardians to overcome.

Yankees over Guardians in 4 games


San Diego Padres Vs Los Angeles Dodgers 

I’m really not quite sure how the Padres ended up here because they’ve been so awful this season and just barely made the postseason, but here they are! The Dodgers have been the most dominant team this season and literally set a franchise record for wins. The Dodgers are notorious for choking hard in the playoffs though, so who knows maybe we’ll get a nice surprise in this round? I’m not counting on it though because the Padres are really not a good team. They have all the pieces, but just haven’t managed to get them working together consistently and I don’t believe that will happen in this round. The Dodgers are too good at every position and should easily dominate this series. The Padres may get a win due to the familiarity of the rivalry, but other than that I don’t think the Padres have a shot in this one!

Dodgers over Padres in 4 games 

Philadelphia Phillies Vs Atlanta Braves 

The Phillies played a great series against the Cardinals with their starting pitching really being the driving force behind that, but they are going up against a different type of beast this time around! The Braves are one of the most complete teams in the league, and they are better than last years’ World Series Champion team, so that says a lot! The starting pitching is deep and so is the bullpen. The defense is solid and the batting order is stacked. I really don’t believe the Phillies have a chance in this one because the Braves are just going to overpower them on every level and the Phillies won’t be able to keep up.

Braves over Phillies in 3 games

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