Friday, October 7, 2022

MLB Wild Card Playoff Predictions


MLB Wild Card Playoff Predictions


Tampa Bay Rays Vs Cleveland Guardians

The Guardians have been one of the hottest teams in baseball heading into the playoffs, and you really want to watch out for them because they have great starting pitching, one of the best closers in the game, they play great defense, have power offensively, and have a great manager. Overall, this team is primed for a playoff run! The Rays, on the other hand, are coming into this matchup on a five game losing streak, which is not how you want to enter the playoffs. The Rays have been inconsistent throughout the season. They have had their moments of success, but also some epic fails. I think the Guardians will easily sweep this series because I don’t feel like the Rays will be able to keep up with them on any level.

Guardians over Rays in 2 games

Seattle Mariners Vs Toronto Blue Jays

While the Mariners come into the playoffs on fire, there is still something inside of me that does not believe in them, at all! While I think it’s great for the organization that they finally made it to the postseason, I feel like that’s where it will stop because for the Mariners, that’s usually what happens. The Blue Jays have been playing very well this season and coming into the playoffs they have one of the hottest batting lineups from the past month! They really have been unstoppable with their bats and the pitching has really started to come together. I feel like this should be a fun series to watch, but I think the Mariners will fall short because that’s what they do and until they prove otherwise, I cannot believe in them!

Blue Jays over Mariners in 3 games



Philadelphia Phillies Vs St. Louis Cardinals

Both of these teams came stumbling into the playoffs. The Phillies barely made it in the last week of the season and the Cardinals haven’t played their best baseball the last couple of weeks, but someone has to win this matchup! I am impressed with the Phillies turn around after they fired Joe Girardi as their manager and Kyle Schwarber has had one hell of a season, but I don’t see them making much noise in the postseason. The Cardinals have been much more consistent this season and are always ready to go come playoff time. Historically, the postseason is where the Cardinals shine and I wouldn’t overlook them no matter who they end up playing. I think the Cardinals are the better team from starting pitching, to the batting lineup and the defense. They do have some holes, but they have a ton of veteran leadership and that should move the Cardinals onto the next round!

Cardinals over Phillies in 2 games

San Diego Padres Vs New York Mets

The Padres have been such a huge disappointment this season because they made some big moves at the trade deadline and none of them worked out. Juan Soto has finally been able to get it going offensively, but he really hasn’t been impressive since the trade and where the hell is Josh Hader?! This dude was the best closer in the game in Milwaukee and gets traded to the Padres and barely did a damn thing! The Mets are coming into this series in a slump, but I feel like this will be the perfect team to get out of that slump. The Mets are head and shoulders above the Padres, this shouldn’t even be a close series.

Mets over Padres in 2 games

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