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NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions


Wild Card Record (5-1)


NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions



New York Giants Vs Philadelphia Eagles

Well, it’s time for another division battle in the playoffs! The Eagles won both matchups in the regular season, but the second matchup was the last game of the season, in which, the Giants played all their backups and the Eagles played all their starters and barely hung onto the win. The Eagles did not look good heading into the postseason and they’re looking like a team that could possibly lose right off the bat! I don’t believe the Giants are even a good team, but they manage to get these lucky wins and at some point it will come to a stop. The Giants defense is about the only impressive thing about this team, but offensively they aren’t that great. The offense can have it’s moments, but for the most part it’s pretty quiet. The Eagles are starting to get healthy and overall they are a far superior team compared to the Giants at every position on the field. I think this game will be close, but the Eagles defense will make the big plays to make sure the Giants fall apart in the big moments.

Eagles over Giants 24-20


Dallas Cowboys Vs San Francisco 49ers

This matchup is giving out all of the 90’s feels! Dallas Cowboys versus San Francisco 49ers has always been a classic matchup, but this time it’s a whole new generation of players! Both of these teams are basically the same team. On defense the Cowboys are led by the all around beast, Micah Parsons, and the 49ers have the sack master Nick Bosa! On offense they both have a stacked offensive line with numerous playmakers at running back and receiver. The edge in this matchup is going to be at the quarterback position. Brock Purdy has played great, so far, for the 49ers and I definitely believe the dude should be their quarterback moving forward, but at some point he’s going to have a bad game and I believe this Dallas defense is going to be that team to welcome the rookie to the league! I feel like the Cowboys defense is going to make the big plays in the crucial moments to help set the offense up in scoring position. It should be a close matchup that could come down to the final drive, but I think the Cowboys will get revenge for last years’ playoff loss against the 49ers and return the favor this year in San Francisco…or Santa Clara to be exact!

Cowboys over 49ers 31-28



Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Kansas City Chiefs

It’s been a good run for the Jaguars, but I feel like that will all come to a crashing halt against the Chiefs! The Chiefs are coming off of a bye week and usually that is never a good thing for their opponent because if you give Andy Reid one extra week to game plan against you, he usually gets that win! The Jaguars have had a much improved season and Trevor Lawrence has really come into his own as the season has gone on, but I don’t think they will have what it takes to keep up with Mahomes and the Chiefs offense. Mahomes is having the greatest season of his career, and that says a lot! The dude can’t miss and he’s even back to running on the ground which has added a whole other element to this stacked offense. I have a feeling this game is going to be all Chiefs from start to finish.

Chiefs over Jaguars 31-20


Cincinnati Bengals Vs Buffalo Bills

These are two of the hottest teams in the AFC and now they collide in what should be an epic playoff matchup! The Bengals on offense can light up any defense, even with the lack of an offensive line, Joe Burrow can’t be stopped. The Bills are not only solid on the offensive side of the ball, but defensively they are a force and love to cause turnovers. While the Bengals have been on a nice winning streak, the cracks have started to show in this team over the past couple of weeks. The injuries on the offensive line are piling up and it’s starting to have an effect because the ground attack has also been silent the last couple of weeks. This, I believe, gives an advantage to the Bills. They will have no problems scoring the ball, but their defense should take advantage of this awful offensive line and force Burrow to make decisions quicker than he wants to. I feel like this will be a close game until the end, but the Bills defense going up against this Bengals offensive line will be the difference and I think they will make the necessary plays and head into the AFC Championship!

Bills over Bengals 27-24

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