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NFL Wild Card Playoff Predictions


NFL Wild Card Playoff Predictions


Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers have probably the most complete team in the league on every level. Defensively, they are the best in the league led by Nick Bosa the league leader in sacks, but they can really lock it down on all levels. On offense, they can score in just about any way, with multiple stars who can take over the game. Brock Purdy would be the only question mark for the 49ers simply because he is a rookie and at some point he will have a bad game. That is not a knock on him because I think the 9ers should actually continue to start Purdy into next season because he looks like a legit quarterback, it’s just every player has a bad game at some point and I’m sure his will occur soon enough. I don’t believe it will be this week because even though Seattle is a division opponent, they have not played the 49ers well this season. It is very difficult to beat one team three times in a season, and the Seahawks have always been a good postseason team primed for the upset, but I don’t believe that will happen this time around.

49ers over Seahawks 24-21


New York Giants Vs Minnesota Vikings

Well, the time has come to find out if the Vikings are for real or not. We’ve all been overlooking the Vikings for the most part this season even though they’ve been one of the best teams in the NFC. Offensively, they are explosive and can do a lot of damage, but unfortunately, it’s the defense that is the problem. The defense has really let them down all season long and have been a liability down the stretch. The Giants are a mediocre team at best. The majority of their wins have been very lucky wins and could have gone either way. Nothing about them is convincing to me and I don’t really think they have much of a chance in this one. I believe it will be a close game, but the Vikings offense will start to pull away in the second half and will be too much for the weak Giants offense to keep up.

Vikings over Giants 23-17


Dallas Cowboys Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs have been one of the worst teams in the league this year. They have no identity as a team on offense or defense and they really haven’t had a stand out game this season other than the Tom Brady comebacks that have helped back their way into the playoffs. The Cowboys have been one of the best teams this season on offense and defense, but they are the Cowboys and this time of year is usually not too kind to us Cowboys fans! The Cowboys defense is the key in this matchup, they are capable of getting at the quarterback and that’s the only way you have any shot at beating Tom Brady. The Cowboys defense will give Brady happy feet in this one and will give him no time to get anywhere. The defense will set the offense up with good field position and I think the Cowboys offense will bounce back from the shit show of last week! The Cowboys have NEVER beat Tom Brady in his entire career, it’s about time we break that cycle and send Brady into retirement!

Cowboys over Buccaneers 28-24



Los Angeles Chargers Vs Jacksonville Jaguars

I feel like this matchup will come down to the coaching. These two teams matchup well against each other, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Both teams are capable of running up the score with two up and coming quarterbacks who are lighting up the league. Justin Herbert and Trevor Lawrence have a very similar game with precision passing and can move around to make big plays on the ground. They both showcase a solid ground attack with electric receivers who can make the big plays. Defensively there are questions with the both of them, but they can step it up when the game is on the line. Doug Pederson is building the Jags up just like he did with the Eagles a few seasons ago and he knows how to win in the postseason. Brandon Staley has not convinced me he can even handle the job of being a coach and with his outburst behind the mic after the last game I have even less confidence in him. Once shit starts hitting the fan he starts to panic and the Chargers usually blow it. Pederson has his team looking the exact opposite, and while I believe the Jags still have some growing to do as a team I think they will get this win because they have the smarter coach in this one.

Jaguars over Chargers 31-24


Miami Dolphins Vs Buffalo Bills

The unfortunate thing about this matchup is the Dolphins are a shell of themselves from their win earlier in the regular season against the Bills. Not only is the quarterback situation an issue, but the rest of the team has played with no energy and they are really lucky to have even made the playoffs. The Bills on the other hand, are one of the best teams in the league and have only got better as the season goes on. Josh Allen is on fire, Diggs can’t be stopped, the defense is stacked, and the ground attack has become more reliable as the season moves along. Even though this is a divisional matchup I expect the Bills to dominate this one from start to finish and move on easily to the Divisional Round

Bills over Dolphins 28-14


Baltimore Ravens Vs Cincinnati Bengals

This matchup would be much better if Lamar Jackson were healthy. Even if he plays this weekend, which he may not, how effective is he going to be since he’s missed the last month or so? The Ravens defense has been amazing since they traded for Roquon Smith, they play typical Baltimore Ravens defense, get at the quarterback and cause some turnovers. The only problem is the offense is so weak without Jackson that they end up right back out on the field and the offense couldn’t even get them some points. The Bengals are on a tear right now! Offensively, they look flawless through the air. The offensive line has been a problem all season, but Burrow has been able to make it work. The problem has been with the running game as of late. Neither back has been effective in the last month and it’s because the offensive line is so awful. I feel like this game is going to start out close in the first half, but the Bengals will begin to run away with it in the second half.

Bengals over Ravens 27-17

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