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2021 NFL Season Predictions - AFC & NFC West


2021 NFL Season Predictions

NFC West

Los Angeles Rams (12-5)

The Rams made probably one of the best offseason moves they could have ever made by trading the dumpster fire Jared Goff to Detroit (where he belongs) for Matthew Stafford. Stafford has always been a very good quarterback, but he’s just been stuck in Detroit so, now he will finally get his moment to prove whether or not he’s actually a good quarterback with a legit team! The only question on the offensive side of the ball will be at the running back position because they already lost the starter to a season ending injury and ended up trading for Sony Michele who has been fairly mediocre for his entire career. The defense will still be dominant as ever led by Aaron Donald the absolute beast defensive linemen who is a force you cannot stop. He gets double teamed on practically every play and that’s still not enough to hold him back. This defense is stacked from linemen, to linebackers, all the way to the secondary, basically they will be really difficult to score on and this is why I believe they will come out on top in the NFC West. The Rams have the full package, probably the best defense in the league, a high flying offense, and a no nonsense coach. That all sounds like a recipe for a nice Super Bowl run!


Seattle Seahawks (10-7) 

As long as the Seahawks have Russell Wilson they are going to be a competitive team. He has been the backbone of this team for years now and seems to get better with every season, no matter how much pressure is on him. He does have some help at the receiver position with DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, who are both big play receivers who are fast as fuck too! The main problem with the Seahawks offense is the ground game. The ground game has not been consistent since Marshawn Lynch left a few years ago, as a matter of fact it’s mostly been non-existent since he left. The offensive line has gone down hill over the years too and that in turn doesn’t help the ground game and it also puts Wilson under pressure, which isn’t a horrible position for him to be in, but at some point he’s going to get injured if he continues to get sacked at the rate he has been getting sacked at. The defense is pretty solid, definitely not what they used to be, but slowly building back up. I expect the Seahawks to be a solid team this year, but the weak offensive line may cost them a few important games in their division race.


San Francisco 49ers (8-9)

The 49ers, overall, are a very good team, other than the questions at the quarterback position. This puts them at an extreme disadvantage because of the division they are in. This division is, no doubt, going to beat up on each other and the 49ers have Jimmie Garappolo who gets injured if you even blow air his way and then they have a rookie behind him, Trey Lance, who I think has a high ceiling and an amazing arm, but he’s still a rookie, who didn’t play a snap last year due to COVID. The 9ers defense should be a power house with Nick Bosa coming back off of injury the pass rush is going to be insane. But, the most important player on the field is the quarterback, and with the uncertainty of that position for the 49ers this year I think it’s going to be a very rocky season for them!


Arizona Cardinals (7-10)

The shitty thing for the Cardinals is they are in such a difficult division, because if they were in any other division they would probably have a better shot at the playoffs, but here they are in the NFC West! The Cardinals on offense is pretty decent. I don’t think Kyler Murray is as exciting as everyone makes him out to be, but I also don’t think he’s the worst quarterback in the World. He can make some big plays through the air and on the ground occasionally, but the majority of his game isn’t really that impressive to me. Having Deandre Hopkins as your go-to receiver helps out a lot too when you want to just toss up a prayer because there’s a good chance he will be coming down with it! The Cardinals biggest weakness will be on the defensive side of the ball. The pass rush is weak and I’m not sure the addition of JJ Watt will help much because he’s past his prime and is injury prone. You need at least a halfway decent defense to even compete in this division because the Rams, 49ers, and Seahawks can all score at will and will be tough to keep up with.


AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs (12-5)

There really isn’t anything negative to say about the Chiefs coming into this season because they’re basically the same team that they have been and I expect them to continue to dominate. The usual suspects are back on offense ready to run all over the league. They did make some changes with the offensive line, which should make a difference in helping to keep Mahomes healthy. They also, get their Clyde Edwards-Helaire back healthy which gives them an added layer on an already high powered offense. The defense is questionable, but I think they will be good enough to keep the Chiefs at the top of their division. I really don’t expect much less from the Chiefs then what they’ve already been doing the last couple of seasons.


Los Angeles Chargers (10-7)

The Chargers are my surprise pick of the season. I think they are really going to dominate the league this season on both sides of the ball. Justin Herbert is coming off of a phenomenal rookie season and I expect him to build off of that and take his game to another level this season. He has a solid offensive line in front of him, a solid ground game behind him, and some really good receivers to get the ball to. The defense ain’t nothing to sleep on either. Joey Bosa is a beast and is the engine that runs this defense. They did lose some depth at the linebacker position, but they did gain some depth in the secondary, which may balance things out. I expect the Chargers to have a high powered and efficient offense, which is what they need to keep up with their division opponents, the Chiefs. They may not win the Super Bowl this year, but they are definitely going to make some noise and be a problem for every opponent they face this season.


Las Vegas Raiders (8-9) 

So far, the new John Gruden era has been a complete and utter failure! This guy is the highest paid coach in the league, by the way, and the Raiders haven’t even been a legitimate contender for their own division let alone a legitimate contender in the league. This year’s team looks pretty unimpressive coming into the season. Derrick Carr has been mostly mediocre for his entire career. He had one great half of a season like four years ago and then broke his leg and has been suck city ever since! They do have an awesome running back, Josh Jacobs, who has quietly taken he league by storm and is basically the only bright spot on this offense. The defensive roster is literally the “nobody squad”. There isn’t one stand out player on the defense and that’s not a good thing when you have to face Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert twice a year. It’s going to be another mediocre year for the Raiders, and maybe John Gruden will finally figure out he needs to retire and get back in the booth announcing games where he belongs because the game of football looks like it has passed him by.


Denver Broncos (5-12)

The Broncos feel like they have been rebuilding their team ever since Peyton Manning retired and that happened five years ago. They have yet to find even a halfway decent quarterback and have been playing the round robin of quarterbacks and this year the wheel lands on Teddy Bridgewater! He’s actually not a horrible quarterback, but he’s not that great either. He can make some plays and keep you in the game, but he doesn’t have a lot of options at the receiver position to get the ball to. The defense has been aging as well, Vonn Miller can’t seem to stay healthy and he is the heart of their defense. I’m really not expecting much from the Broncos this year.

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