Wednesday, September 1, 2021

2021 NFL Season Predictions - AFC & NFC North


2021 NFL Season Predictions

NFC North

Green Bay Packers (10-7)

This drama filled offseason between Aaron Rodgers and the Packers has made it impossible for me to believe they have a legit shot at the Super Bowl this year. They are a really good team with one of the best quarterbacks in the league, one of the best receivers in the league, one of the best offensive lines in the league, a solid running back, and a good defense. The problem is the drama. When a team goes into the season with all that drama it NEVER works out! The Packers will still be a good team and I expect them to make the playoffs, but that’s about it! I think both the Packers and Aaron Rodgers look like morons after this offseason of whining like cunts and trying to prove to all of us whose dick is bigger, because they are coming off of a spectacular season that they could build off of and actually win it all, but instead they decided to have their periods all over the field and now the rest of the team get to be the tampons to attempt to stop the bleeding! I have a feeling Aaron Rodgers last season in Green Bay will be one to remember, but more than likely not for any good reasons.


Minnesota Vikings (9-8)

The Vikings are such an oddball team because you never know what to expect from them at the beginning of the season and that is once again the case with them this season! On paper they are actually a pretty good team, with some really good players. On offense they can be explosive and score a shit ton of points, but then the next game all of a sudden they don’t know how to move the ball. On defense they are stout and are able to contain some of the best offenses in the league, but then the next game they let a team they should obviously dominate, blow them up! They’ve never made sense and I don’t expect them to make much sense this year either. I imagine it’s going to be another up and down year for the Vikings filled with tons of mediocrity!


Chicago Bears (7-10)

The Bears have a lot to be excited about by drafting Justin Fields at quarterback, but unfortunately, for them that is the only thing to be excited about with this team! Right now, it’s looking like Andy Dalton is going to start the season as the starting quarterback, but that offensive line is dreadful and I imagine after a couple of games with Dalton he will be benched for Fields. The problem with this team is that outside of the quarterback position there isn’t anything else to talk about. The offense has no weapons at all for either quarterback to get the ball to, the ground game is weak, the offensive line is garbage, and the defense ain’t what it used to be! I wouldn’t be surprised if Matt Nagy ends up being the first coach fired this season because I’m not expecting much out of the Chicago Bears!


Detroit Lions (3-14)

The Lions are actual garbage so, expect a lot of dumpster fires from them this season! They actually got even worse than usual because now their quarterback is Jared Goff and that dude is an absolute joke of a quarterback so it’s going to be a hilarious season of follies from this team!


AFC North

Baltimore Ravens (11-6)

The ravens have been building a really solid foundation over the last couple of seasons and it all started with Lamar Jackson. He is one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league and he makes life difficult for any opposing defense. He is a duel threat quarterback who has one hell of an arm, but can also explode for the big play on the ground. He could use some help at the receiver position because they still don’t have that big playmaker, but they do have some solid guys who can make big plays when necessary. The defense is still stacked and the pass rush ain’t nothing to mess with, but behind them is a stout secondary of ball hawks. The Ravens are a complete team at every level and I expect them to be a dominant force this season.


Cleveland Browns (10-7)

It’s a really weird feeling for me right now going into this season because I actually believe the Browns are going to be a good team! They have been building a solid squad for the past couple of seasons and it has really paid off. They are stacked on offense with a top notch receiving corps, a solid ground game, a solid offensive line, a decent quarterback, and they made a couple of nice additions on the defensive side of the ball to make them a threat this season. Offensively this team is going to be really difficult to stop because they have a lot of ways to beat you on defense. They have speedy receivers and speedy running backs so, they can score at will and should be able to keep up with any team that they may end up in a scoring shootout with. For once, I think Browns are going to be a good team and should remain competitive through the postseason!


Pittsburgh Steelers (8-9) 

The Steelers didn’t do much to improve this team in the offseason. They did draft the running back, Najee Harris, who should give them a nice upgrade at that position, but other than that I don’t really see much else going on. Ben Roethlisberger looks really solid and healthy coming into the season, but will he be able to maintain it for 17 games and a possible postseason run? I question that especially behind their weak offensive line and he doesn’t have a top receiver to throw to either. The receivers are not bad, but they just aren’t guys who are going to give you consistent play game in and game out. They lost a couple of linebackers on the defensive side which may be a problem if they run into any injuries there isn’t much depth at the position, which could be a problem. Overall, I don’t think the Steelers are that great of a team and are probably going to have their struggles, especially on offense. 


Cincinnati Bengals (5-12) 

Joe Burrow looks like he is going to give the Bengals something to cheer about, but I doubt that’s going to happen this season. Outside of Burrow the offense is weak, the offensive line is garbage which is why Burrow tore his ACL last year, and do they even have a defense?! The Bengals are trash and won’t have much to look forward to this season, except for yet another high draft pick next year!

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