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2021 NFL Season Predictions - AFC & NFC South


2021 NFL Season Predictions

NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (13-4)

Well, if you’re a Tom Brady hater, then I imagine this season is going to be upsetting to you because the Buccaneers have brought back all of the important players from last season and this team looks like it’s ready to go for another Super Bowl run! First, they are in a horrible division that has lost a step now that Drew Brees retired. So, they should have no problems when it comes to the division opponents, but beyond their own division I think the Bucs are going to dominate this season. Last year they were still finding their way at the beginning of the season and managed to work it out in the end and win a Super Bowl. This season, they look locked in and judging from the preseason the few times the starters were on the field they looked really good. The defense is the back bone of this team and they will be a problem for every offense they face this season. They have the best pass rush in the league and that leaves no time for even the best quarterbacks to make a play. So, if you were hoping to see Tom Brady fall off this year, I don’t think you’re going to get that, we may actually see him win Super Bowl #8!


Carolina Panthers (9-8)

The Panthers made some really nice moves this offseason starting with trading for Sam Darnold. I still have plenty of questions about Darnold as a quarterback, but he also wasn’t given much of a chance to succeed while as a New York Jet from day one. Now that he is with the Panthers he has arguably one of the best running backs in the league behind him, a solid offensive line in front of him and a couple of really good receivers so, if he can’t work with that, then he’s not that good. The defensive side of the ball is where I think the Panthers need some help. At this point no one on the roster on defense is familiar to me which may not be a bad thing, it just means there is a lot of mystery with this defense and I don’t know what to expect from them. The offense will give the Panthers a lift and they should be a competitive team, but they still have some work to do and this should be a solid season for them to build off of and become a better team in the future.


Atlanta Falcons (6-11)


The only reason why I’m giving the Falcons 6 possible wins is because they have a pretty decent offense that may be able to get them a few wins, but overall this team sucks! The only thing they have been known for over the years is choking really bad and now they aren’t even going to have many chances to do that this season because I have a feeling they will rarely be ahead of any opponent this season! It’s gonna be a long season for the Falcons!


New Orleans Saints (5-12)

This is going to be the first time in about 10 years that the Saints have absolutely no identity because we have no idea what to expect from them with no Drew Brees. Jameis Winston is a garbage can quarterback and I don’t believe he will do anything to help this team other than throw a bunch of interceptions since that’s kind of his thing. The drama with their star wide receiver Michael Thomas doesn’t help either and drama aside, the dude is recovering from offseason surgery and won’t even be available for at least the first month of the season, this in turn will put a shit ton of pressure on Alvin Kamara to carry the offense. He is one of the best backs in the league, but I don’t know if I see him being able to carry the load if he has no help in the passing game. The defense has started to fall off as well and they didn’t do much to improve the defense during the offseason. I hope Saints fans enjoyed their run over the past decade because I don’t see much winning coming from this season.


AFC South 

Tennessee Titans (10-7)

The Titans offense is stacked with some of the top talent in the league starting with the running back, Derrick Henry. This dude has dominated on the ground the past couple of seasons and really has made a name for himself as one of the best backs in the league. He does benefit from a great offensive line, but his talent is legit. The Titans also got Ryan Tannehill a new weapon by trading for Julio Jones this offseason. Now, he has AJ Brown and Julio Jones, two receivers who can’t keep their hands off the ball, and once they have it, they are gone. The only weakness I believe the Titans have will be on defense. The pass rush is weak and the secondary has been known to give up a big play or two. The positive for the Titans is they are in a really weak division and I really don’t think they will have any problems with the division opponents, which will give them some help to get into the postseason. 


Indianapolis Colts (9-8) 

The Colts have a lot of things going on for them on the positive side, but unfortunately for them their main issue has been the quarterback position. They traded for Carson Wentz, which may end up being a good move, but I’m not quite sure I’m sold on him yet. He really fell off last year due to a lack of confidence and he has been an injury prone quarterback since he entered the league, and he already had to have surgery on his foot last month. Not a good way to start off with your new team. He does have a solid offense with a good offensive line, a great running game and some solid wide receivers, Wentz has plenty of help if he stays healthy. The defense is also one of the best in the league. The Colts pass rush has been unstoppable over the last couple of seasons and I expect that to continue into this season. The Colts could make some waves this season if Carson Wentz isn’t a bust, but until he proves to me that he can play an entire season without falling off, I can’t trust the dude to carry a team to the playoffs.


Jacksonville Jaguars (4-13)

I hope the Jaguars enjoyed the draft because that was their only bright spot going into this season. Now shit is going to get real and we are about to see a really awful team in Jacksonville! Trevor Lawrence is a good start, but this team has a LONG way to go! I’m expecting another top spot in the draft for Jacksonville next year!


Houston Texans (1-16) 

The Texans are going to be the absolute worst team in the league this year! Even if DeShaun Watson wasn’t having all the legal issues this offseason, this team was still going to be awful! There isn’t one positive thing to say about this shitty ass team! I think I’m being generous by giving them the one win this season!

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