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NFL Season Predictions - AFC & NFC South


2022 NFL Season Predictions 

NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14-3)

While the Bucs have gone through many changes this offseason, one thing remains a constant and that is their quarterback is Tom Brady, and when that’s the case you know your team still has a shot at a Super Bowl! Even though this has been a weird offseason for Brady with the retiring, then the unretiring, then the news about him possibly signing with the Dolphins, and then that went nowhere because of the Brian Flores lawsuit. I still do not question whether or not Brady wants to win and I do not question his commitment to football. At the wide receiver position Brady is going to have plenty to choose from with the addition of Julio Jones. They are really deep at the receiver position now and should light the league up. Defensively they are still pretty solid, if they suffer some significant injuries that will become a problem because there isn’t a lot of depth, especially in the secondary, but overall I expect the Bucs to be one of the best teams in the league this year!

Carolina Panthers (8-9)

The Panthers look like they gave up on the season right off the bat. The obvious glaring issue with this team has been the quarterback position and for some reason they didn’t go after any of the big name free agents, didn’t trade for any of the available guys, and didn’t take care of it through the draft until the late rounds! Then, when they finally make a trade it’s for Baker Mayfield right before camp is about to start! While I believe he is a slight improvement over Sam Darnold, he isn’t going to be anything more than a bridge quarterback. The Panthers have a solid defense, which will help keep them in games and get a few wins, but overall the Panthers are a very mediocre team and I’m not expecting much from them this season!

New Orleans Saints (6-11)

The last couple of seasons have been a struggle for the Saints and with the retirement of Sean Payton this offseason it’s going to be even worse this year! The quarterback position still remains a question with Jamies Winston back at it because he has turned into an injury prone quarterback who really isn’t that great to begin with. He will have a lot of weapons on offense to get the ball to with the depth at receiver and, of course, Kamara in the backfield, but this offensive line is not good at all and I don’t believe Winston has what it takes to make it through an entire season. I have a feeling the Saints fans may want to dust off the paper bags at some point this season and start to wear those again because this team is not going to be good, at all!

Atlanta Falcons (1-16)

The Atlanta Falcons are poised to be the absolute worst team in the league this season! This roster is a complete joke! The only bright spots on this team are Cordarrelle Patterson and Kyle Pitts, beyond those two guys the rest of this team is a dumpster fire! I would be shocked if this team ends up with one win this season!

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts (11-6)

The Colts made a great offseason move by trading away Carson Wentz and then trading for Matt Ryan because pretty much the only thing missing from this team was a decent quarterback. While I do believe Matt Ryan is way past his prime the team surrounding him is really good and he should be able to play well enough to at least make this team competitive and a legit playoff team. The offensive line is stacked and the ground attack is one of the best in the league led by Jonathan Taylor, this will definitely help take the pressure off of Ryan. Offensively, their biggest weakness is at the receiver position because there isn’t a lot of depth, but the running game should make up for that. Defensively I expect the Colts to be one of the best in the league, especially with the addition of Stephon Gilmore in the offseason. The Colts are in a horrible Division and are probably the most complete team, by far, in this Division, which should equal a playoff spot this season!

Tennessee Titans (9-8)

I have no idea what the Titans were thinking with their offseason moves?! They traded away their best receiver in AJ Brown, and I’m not sure if they are aware, but their quarterback is Ryan Tannehill and he really needed that help! Now, I have a feeling Tannehill’s production is going to fall off and I see him having a struggle this season. Derrick Henry will be back from injury so that will be a huge boost for this offense, but with no help at the receiver position it looks like the entire load will be shouldered by Henry, which usually isn’t a problem for him, but who knows how he is going to look coming off of a foot injury. The Titans didn’t make any additions this off season either, only that stupid trade! This is a weak division, but I have a feeling the Titans are going to have an inconsistent year because the offense isn’t going to produce like it has in the past.

Jacksonville Jaguars (8-9) 

This is the first time in a long time that I haven’t felt like the Jaguars are going to be one of the worst teams in the league! Now, don’t excited Jaguars fans (the three that exist) because you’re team is still going to have it’s struggles, but they should be much improved and actually be a decent squad this season. With all the drama they had to endure last year with that joke of a coach, Urban Meyer, this season should finally be about developing your young quarterback and building a team around him. The Jaguars did make some solid moves this offseason by improving at all positions on the offensive side of the ball. The addition of Doug Pederson at coach was a smart move too, he shouldn’t have a problem turning this team around and making them a contender in the long run. The building will begin this season and it won’t be perfect, but this is the Jaguars we are talking about and an eight win season is an accomplishment for them! 

Houston Texans (2-15) 

The Texans continue to grow into one of the worst NFL franchises ever created! I’ve yet to figure out what the direction of this team is for many years and the only the direction they continue to go is down! Every time it looks like this team is beginning to build something decent they rip it apart and burn it to the ground until nothing remains! When you look over this years’ roster it’s just as pathetic as last years’ so once again the Texans will have a top five draft pick in 2023!

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