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NFL Season Predictions - AFC & NFC West


2022 NFL Season Predictions

NFC West 

Los Angeles Rams (13-4)

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a repeat champion in the NFL, but the Rams didn’t lose a step this offseason, in fact, I believe they actually improved their team and that’s a great recipe for a repeat championship run! They added Bobby Wagner to the defense and I think he’s only going to make this front seven even better than it already was. With the combination of Wagner and Aaron Donald it’s going to be really tough for anyone to get past them into the secondary, and even if they get that far, there are multiple shutdown defensive backs to make the plays. On offense they added Allen Robinson to this already stacked receiving corps to give Matthew Stafford yet another weapon on the offensive side of the ball. The only issue the Rams will have will be if Stafford’s elbow gives him issues at any point during the season. Other than that, I think the Rams will be poised to make another run at a Super Bowl!

Arizona Cardinals (10-7)

The Cardinals had an offseason full of drama, that has come to a close and they’re back to football, but I still think that drama may end up having an effect on this season. The Cardinals are a solid team, but they will be missing Deandre Hopkins for the first half of the season which I think is going to be a problem since he is a huge part of their offense! They also, lost Chandler Jones in the offseason who was their best defensive player last season and now the defense just looks very old. The offense shouldn’t be bad and should show flashes of greatness at times, but the defense is going to hold them back. They are old and injury prone, and with the loss of Jones that will be felt in the front seven. It doesn’t help that they are in a tough Division either! I have a feeling the Cardinals will have a decent season and should be a playoff team, but I don’t know if they have what it takes to make a Super Bowl run, at least not yet.

San Francisco 49ers (9-8) 

The 49ers are a team that I’m just not sold on and it’s all because of the unknown with their quarterback, Trey Lance. Throughout training camp the talk has been about his accuracy and how up and down he has been since camp began. Lucky for him he has a good coach and a bunch of good players surrounding him, but we all know if the quarterback sucks then so does the rest of the team! Regardless of how good Lance is or isn’t, there will still be plenty of bumps in the road because he has never started an NFL game, so it’s inevitable. The 49ers have a solid roster of players which should get them some wins, but I have a feeling this is going to be a very streaky team with both wins and losses, which I believe will balance each other out to make the 49ers a very mediocre team this season! 

Seattle Seahawks (2-15)

The Seahawks are obviously in full on rebuild mode by trading away Russell Wilson this offseason and releasing Bobby Wagner they just got rid of their two best players on the offensive and defensive side of the ball! The Seahawks have such a pathetic team and even worse is they are in a really tough division. The only positive about this season is the Seahawks will have a top 5 draft pick in 2023!

AFC West

Los Angeles Chargers (11-6)

The Chargers made some big offseason moves on the defensive side of the ball, which is exactly what they needed to do! They signed cornerback JC Jackson, who was one of the best corners in the league last year, they traded for Khalil Mack who will provide yet another pass rusher on the opposite side of Joey Bosa, and also added Kyle Van Noy who is a very reliable linebacker! They covered all their bases on defense and it was necessary with all the offense they will be up against in this Division. Offensively, I expect the Chargers to take a huge step forward because this is Justin Herbert’s third season as a starter and he should only get better at this point in his career. The offensive line is solid, he has plenty of receivers to get the ball to, and he even has a great running back behind him. The Chargers should come out on top of this really close Division battle!

Denver Broncos (10-7)

The Broncos took care of the biggest issue this team has had since the retirement of Peyton Manning, and that was the quarterback position. Overall, the Broncos have had a pretty decent roster of players, but a glaring hole at the quarterback position, but that has all changed now! They traded for Russell Wilson in the offseason and I believe he is exactly what they need! He is a proven leader and completely committed to the game and should change this organization for the better. The Broncos defense is really good, especially in the secondary. The Broncos will have some growing pains with all the new additions to the team, and this Division is going to be tough even for the best team, but I believe the Broncos are headed in the right direction and will make this season and division very interesting!

Las Vegas Raiders (9-8)

The Raiders made some very solid moves this offseason starting with the trade for Davante Adams, then signing Chandler Jones, and a new coach in Josh McDaniels. I still think the Raiders have a lot of work to do, especially because they are in probably the toughest Division in the league. Offensively, I think the Raiders will be scoring a lot of points. David Carr has proven he is a solid QB and with the addition of Adams, his college receiver, I believe he is only going to get better. The offensive line is a weakness though and will probably hold them back a bit. Defensively, this team has a lot of questions, the secondary is not good and the front seven is pretty weak. I have a feeling this is going to be a roller coaster season for the Raiders, which I guess is nothing new for this them! 

Kansas City Chiefs (8-9) 

The Chiefs did a whole lot of nothing to attempt to make improvements to this team. Don’t get me wrong they are a solid squad because they have Mahomes, but they did him no favors by trading away Tyreek Hill! Hill was a huge part of this offense and made a lot of plays that scored them a lot of points, his absence is going to cost them! They still have a glaring hole at the running back position, which has been a problem for most of the Mahomes era and I find this ridiculous because they have a solid offensive line to run behind and you have one of the best quarterbacks in the league to get you the ball! But the Chiefs are gonna keep riding with Clyde Edwards-Helaire, a guy who can’t stay on the field because he’s always injured and even when he’s healthy he has yet to become a playmaker. Defensively the Chiefs are a dumpster fire! They lost the Honeybadger in the offseason and also Daniel Sorenson, so this secondary is going to be super weak and will probably get lit up on a weekly basis! With the combination of a mediocre roster and a tough Division I think the Chiefs are in for a rocky season!

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